The Truth About Computer Addiction

Bill Urell

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Is it stretching things to be speaking of computer use in terms of addiction? What if your job involves using a computer eight hours as day, are you addicted? It really comes down to a matter of intent and effect. With the ease of accessing computers, it is becoming increasingly easier to develop a computer addiction. Computer addiction affects people of all ages and of all social backgrounds.

Computer addiction is something that easily occurs in those who wish to hide their identity. A computer addiction allows the person to become whoever he wants to be, even if only for a short period of time. They can create a fantast world and get lost in it. This is quite different from just working on your computer at the job.

Those suffering from a computer addiction are also drawn by the fact that they can be less inhibited when communicating with people through the Internet. Therefore, people who have problems interacting socially with others are more susceptible to developing a computer addiction.

But not all people who abuse computer time are social misfits or recluses. With computer and internet access becoming increasingly simpler, many people suffering from computer addiction have found themselves sucked into a lifestyle where the world is only a mouse click away.

A person suffering from computer addiction will often show signs of irritability when removed from their computer. There are classic ‘withdrawal symptoms’ a person suffering from a computer addiction can exhibit. They spend an extraordinary amount of time on the computer. The result is that their relationships, their jobs, and their schooling will suffer. They may may unaware that these things are collapsing around them, and will continue to engage in this behavior despite neagatice consequences.

A person suffering from a computer addiction will also often feel empty when not on-line. To satisfy the computer addiction, the person will wake up early and stay up late just to use the computer. The time spent on the computer just seems to slip away for the person suffering from a computer addiction, as he slowly loses control over the amount of time he spends on his computer.

A computer addiction can also destroy relationships as the person with the computer addiction begins to believe that their on-line acquaintances are their best friends. Furthermore, the person with the computer addiction doesn’t enjoy the time he spends with his loved ones because he is too preoccupied with thoughts of using his computer. A person suffering from a computer addiction will also begin to feel nervous if he has gone too long, sometimes just a mere hour, without checking his e-mail.

A computer addiction is a potentially devastating addiction. It should be taken seriously and professional help should be sought by a person suffering from a computer addiction. Though computer addiction is not yet widely accepted, the principles of addiction are similar and a professional therapist should be able to help.

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Internet Computer Addiction Among Teens
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