I Can Measure My Success in Recovery From Addictions, By My Bank Balance


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Are you wondering what money has to do with recovery from addiction and other emotional disorders? In my experience a darn lot as the healthier I’ve gotten the more money I seem to accumulate.

Until I put down my means of making myself ‘feel better’ I was always scraping for a ‘buck. I spent my ‘bucks’ on getting alcohol, drugs, food and then later even in recovery, poker machines (slot machines for our U. S visitors). The only dollars I ever saved was for holidays, which included and were specific for a huge binge on my substances of choice.

I came to hate this paper dollar that I thought was my enemy, why, because it was so hard to keep. The nasty addictions stole it all from me and my parents were astounded that such a talented person could not get ahead in this area of my life. Denial was thick and foggy; at no time did I stop and think that the reason the dollar was such a bitch to me was because it was consumed by my addictive substances. Cigarettes can steal $70.00AUS from a long term addicted smoker per week. Ripped off in the true sense of the words is what addiction can do to our bank balance.

I have known alcoholics/addicts that have had through their acting out, lots of dollars. Some have had heaps of it. However if you speak with them they’ll tell you they lost a lot unnecessarily and some lost the whole lot as their dis-ease of addiction progressed. Either way, addiction and finances do not dance well on the floor of life.

It takes a definite education about the paper dollar to have it grow and work for a person. That education can come from our experienced parents or we may have to take a course of formal study to grasp financial principles. Applying these principles is the next step obviously.

I guess I was lacking ‘self-control’ or ‘discipline’ in this area of my life. “Oh der, you think so”, I hear some say. Put it this way, what self control did I really have when I allowed myself to succumb to the treacheries of addiction and self destruction? Even in the first couple of years coming off of my substances of choice there was extra cash around, I was still in pain so I chose to continue acting out my addictions by spending big bucks at the Casino. Dear dear dear what a vicious merry-go round I was on.

Today as I’ve grown and become educated I can proudly say it’s all coming together in the $$$ department. For me, MY BANK BALANCE HAS BEEN A MEASURE OF MY SUCCESS IN RECOVERY FROM ADDICTION. Wealth doesn’t maketh the man however it does make this member of mankind mighty happy that I’m not a loser in the stakes of life concerning finances. Having financial wealth doesn’t make us happy yet I’m not free to evolve and do the things I want to do in life without it. It does pay the bills and it gets me out of ‘my head’ when it’s there, waiting to pay those bills.

As long as I manage and control my finances and don’t allow ‘them’ to have this privilege, I’m doing fine. In fact it becomes a game and the self-esteem that is built as a result of winning the game is just what all addicts’ need. Powerlessness does lead to power as promised by the 12th Step Recovery fellowships.

Lastly I’ll share one of my secrets with you. I learnt how to BUDGET.

Monique Louise Hill

Monique Louise Hill is happily residing on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. As the Director of Motherlode Pty Ltd my story is one of rags to riches in the spiritual sense. Spiritually and financially bankrupt as an alcoholic/addict 8 years ago I have worked my butt off to overcome the emotional and spiritual immaturity that addiction clouded. A talented Singer and Entertainer as well as an Astrologer I have since completed a ‘Diploma in Christian Ministry’ and then a ‘Certified Life Coach and Business Diploma’. I now spend my time sharing my journey with others to Support and encourage those who are seeking to live happily in this lifetime with purpose. My vehicle is http://www.wounded-healer-support.com and speaking engagements in Australia Nationally. I love humanity and have a child-like idealism that maybe is untimely in this materialistic pained world. An optimist at heart that desires only to be my potential in this lifetime. In love and service Unique Monique. . .


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