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Love to Shop? Has it Turned Into a Shopping Addiction?


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There are those among us that truly enjoy shopping and there are those that find it to be the most terrible thing on a to do list. For a person that has an addiction to shopping, it isn't either one of those things. It is something that they have to do.

They shop because it gives them a sense of euphoria and they shop like there is no tomorrow.

A person addicted to shopping, shops because they absolutely believe that shopping will make them feel better. The shop compulsively and spend excessive amounts of money.

They do this without control, and much like the alcoholic hides the vodka in the closet, the shopoholic hides what they buy. They are afraid of getting caught.

Here are a few warning signs of a shopping addiction. Are you shopping or spending because you feel angry, anxious, lonely or depressed? Are you arguing with those that you love about your shopping habits? Do you feel lost if you don't have your credit cards?

Do you purchase on credit instead of using cash?

Do you get a high when you are shopping?

Do you feel guilty or embarrassed after you have gone on a shopping trip?

Do you lie about how much money you spent?

Do you obsessively think about money?

Do you spend a lot of time “robbing Peter to pay Paul" to cover your shopping sprees?

If you answered yes to four or more of these, you should talk to someone about possibly being addicted to shopping. If you are consistently spending over budget, buying things that you do not have a true need for you need to get help.

Understand that an addiction to shopping is just as serious as drug addiction and alcohol addiction. The consequences are just as serious, including loss of job, relationships, home, everything that you have.

There are support groups available for people addicted to shopping.

A quick internet search of shopping addictions will also offer you a nice list of support groups and places that can help you break your addiction. Remember the only way to break an addiction is to want to break it. If you are motivated to change your behavior you will be able to change it.

Article written by Jessica Bradbury, you can learn more on understanding addictions and drug addiction counseling.


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