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12 Step Alternative - 4 Abilities to Get Recovered and Be Free of Addiction

Tibor A. Palatinus

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12 Step Alternatives: Can you free yourself of addiction and not go to 12 Step meetings and still recover?

Addiction: If you've fallen into the trap of drug and alcohol abuse, you've heard about 12 Step support groups and methods. Those who don't want to admit they are powerless and hang an ‘addicted’ or ‘alcoholic’ label on themselves for the rest of their lives, want an alternative to these 12 Step principals.

Freedom of choice in recovery means having an alternative to the 12 Step method of recovery.

Freedom of choice has it's responsibilities. A major principal of 12 Step-alternative approaches are that one shouldn't be dependent on others for their continued abstinence. Personal control and accountability is expected from those who have recovered from their addiction or alcoholism.

Can You Achieve Honest Recovery Without 12 Step?

The 12 Step support group model assumes that you are there for support and therefore are still recovering. Many explanations have been given for the ‘recovering’ label. If one is doing better and support group/s are the keystone to ones recovery, please I expect you continue this process.

I am writing for those who aren't willing to apply the 12 Steps to their lives due to some basic disagreement to the initial principals one is struck with on entering a 12 Step meeting - admitting powerlessness and labeling self an addict / alcoholic as a prerequisite to attendance and continuance.

Non-12 Step methods of recovery are very popular with those not wanting to label themselves as an addict or alcoholic and being powerless.

Drug and alcohol abuse create consequences which require special tools to dig oneself out.

  • The idea that skills and abilities are needed to achieve even a modest amount of freedom and gain, are written into the Constitution and are the fundamentals of success. Accomplishment in any endeavor, including one's rehabilitation from drug / alcohol abuse, require new knowledge, training and acquired competence in the task or living without drugs / alcohol.
  • Freedom of choice is always resident in every individual. People always have a choice, sometimes those choices are harder than a simple yes / no answer. Choosing a different lifestyle usually means a whole new set of abilities and talents need to be developed. Remember, drug and alcohol use and abuse was a learned behavior to survive better, or so one thought.
  • Learning to survive better would require a whole new set of agreements or standards of living then. Many drug and alcohol abusers were sure that their drinking and drugging was helping them to survive or live better. Remember, they were happier after that drink. The obvious results are those easiest to see.
  • Drugs and alcohol abuse make a person forget. Abusers often forget their last hangover or drug induced disaster. When drug / alcohol cravings and depression caused by their use come calling, their memory is very short term. Drugs and alcohol cause them to forget.

Do abilities have anything to do with freedom from addiction or alcoholism? Yes, everything.

4 Abilities To Gain To Achieve Freedom From Drugs And Alcohol

  1. Freedom from drug / alcohol cravings
  2. Freedom from the guilt of past abuse
  3. Freedom from depression caused by the lifestyle of abuse
  4. Freedom from dependency on drugs and alcohol to feel happy

The major alternative to the 12 Step approach is founded on abilities to accomplish goals and success built right into the process of recovery. Without these tools of recovery, no one can accomplish freedom from the slavery of addiction. With the tools to achieve freedom from cravings, guilt, depression and happiness, one can end dependency on drugs and alcohol.

Learning how to accomplish these freedoms is the topic of our site. To gain entrance and learn how to free oneself or a loved one from addiction or alcoholism.

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Tibor A. Palatinus, CCDC, is the Director of a Drug / Alcohol Detox and Rehab Consultancy which specializes in Referring Clients to Drug-free Detox and Rehab Programs which End Addiction for Life.

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