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Stop Drinking Now - Why We Drink And Saying NO


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People tend to begin drinking for a number of reasons, but the most common one of all is just to socialise. Drinking practice will normally start while at high school or university but for some unknown reason continues on into our adult lives as we surround ourselves by other drinkers, but sadly the real root causes of drinking go much deeper.

The reasons for drinking though seem to become quite apparent to us, being depression, stress or just the desire to relax, but the sad conclusion is that whatever the reasons are, we have become completely dependent on alcoholic beverages.

On the whole and in most cases drinking is just a daily habit like having a coffee at eleven or tea at five, maybe just an after dinner drink. Any habit like drinking is acceptable if it really is under control and will only become an issue when these habits become more and more frequent.

One of the first signs that something is wrong is when you go out and just can't socialise without first having a drink inside you. Should this be your situation then you might have to consider the daunting possibility that your habit has become an addiction.

When it comes to having to explain to your close friends and family about your decision to stop drinking, it should be quite sufficient to say that you wish to refrain from drinking. The problem is that there are always people in your life where this decision will be more complicated to explain so here are some really good examples of excuses you can use.

I'm driving. . . I have to get up early tomorrow. . . I'm on painkillers. . . I'm just too bloated. . . I promised the Mrs I wouldn't. . . I've got a job to do when I get home.

Quite honestly the reason you choose is not the issue here, the important factor is remaining firm to your word and not allowing other people to convince you otherwise. If a colleague tries to twist your arm on having just a quick one, just walk away and use your imagination to find something else to do and preferably with people that don't drink to enjoy themselves.

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