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The Road To Sobriety

Chy King

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Being sober and fighting alcoholism, drug abuse or substance abuse is a major task that is extremely difficult and sometimes may be “impossible" to accomplish. However, the users should realize that this is a step by step process that cannot be rushed and would need a strong commitment, determination as well as the support of family, lovers, and friends.

The first step that a user should apply is the acceptance of having no control when it comes to drugs or alcohol. As soon as the person truly admits being powerless due to alcoholism or substance abuse, then one of the most difficult things has been achieved.

The next step is to do your research. The web now has information on programs that will help the user combat drug abuse as well as any other kind of addiction. An example of an effective program is the so called twelve step program as started by Alcoholics Anonymous. Narcotics Anonymous also patterned its program on the twelve step program. Get the information on the meeting schedules in your area which you should of course attend as the experiences and support of people just like you will help a lot in your fight to combat addiction. Remember also that there is no fast route to “being clean. " You should take it one day at a time.

The next step would be to join the meetings, and then have the determination to keep your self free from drugs between meetings. It is good to attend various meetings and keep those that work.

Get yourself a sponsor, who is a person of the same gender who has experienced what you've been through and has been clean for a significant amount of time. It is good to talk to your sponsor from time to time and then have a discussion with the said person especially during times wherein you “slipped. "

Do not only rely on the twelve step program. Try praying, doing yoga, undergoing meditation, etc. to clear your mind and enlighten you into staying clean.

Having withdrawal symptoms such as clammy hands, nausea, shaking, etc. is normal. These symptoms should not stop you from pursuing your goal of staying sober. In early sobriety stages, you will also be experiencing discomfort and insecurity in social events or situations though this is only temporary in nature. Staying sober in time will aid you in discovering once again the ability to develop social relationships as well as maintain healthy relationships with people close to you.

If in doing all these steps you still have difficulty in remaining sober, consider getting counseling, out patient as well as in patient treatment in respective rehabilitation centers or treatment centers as they would be able to provide you with the additional support you need.

Don't be surprised if the first few times that you try being sober, you failed. This is natural. You just have to keep on trying and you'll suddenly find yourself on the road to sobriety.

It is also okay to change your sponsor if you feel that you need someone different with a different outlook in life. You may also have long term treatment. Though this would be hard, it will be able to help you a lot in the long run. Take note that this would last for several months up to a number of years-it will all depend on you.

Chy King, M. Ed. is the owner of The Sober Sources Network and has extended her network on alcoholism and addiction recovery for both adults and teen to incorporate 14 different websites in hopes of helping those seeking their own solutions. The forums may be viewed at:


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