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Alcoholism In Both Men And Women Can Result In Infertility


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Studies have shown that women who consume alcohol at any rate can struggle with infertility during their lives. Sometimes it could cause a woman who is trying to get pregnant to suffer from miscarriages, never having a successful pregnancy. Often times if the woman does carry on throughout the pregnancy, many complications can occur during childbirth and after, affecting the baby and the mother. Women need to be aware about all of the risks of infertility involved from alcoholism or just being “moderate" drinkers. Too much intake of alcohol in women can result in problems with ovulation, which is what would cause her not to have the ability to become pregnant. Another problem that can occur from women drinking too much alcohol is increased levels of progesterone and estrogen.

Men who are wanting to have children really need to think about the risks involved with alcoholism as well. Alcohol can cause men to have, what would be called, abnormal shaped sperm, which inevitably could lead to impotency. This could cause some very serious issues psychologically also, making the man feel inadequate, unworthy and less of a man really. It is very important for men to realize that alcohol can actually destroy your sperm generating cells and can have an affect on your hormone levels too. If you are wanting to have children one day then you really need to consider slowing down with your drinking, or even better than that, stop drinking. It would increase your chances of reproducing one day.

If you or someone that you love are struggling with alcoholism, it is so important to know all of the damage that can be caused due to alcohol related illnesses and conditions. Do some research on the internet, or talk to others who are going through what you are going through, sometimes that can be quite comforting. The important thing is to get help now, do not put it off any longer. You have many treatment options but first and foremost you have to admit to yourself that there is a problem, then your journey for good health can continue and be a success.

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Teen Alcoholism Treatment - An Approach to Juvenile Alcoholism
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