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It's All About Perception


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I do believe perception is made by the eyes of the beholder. When I am in a situation along with two other people we all see what it is we want to see. One person can describe a situation through their eyes and describe it just as it happened. I believe the basis for perceiving a situation is based on the mindset and attitude of the individual. As I previously stated, one of the three people watching a situation is able to perceive the situation for what it is without judgment or feeling.

The second individual that is perceiving the situation could take a angry spin because they have some type of personal feeling towards what has occurred. The attitude of the second individual is one that places blame on everyone else and that everyone else is out to get them. The same situation could occur but one's perception truly differs from another which does not make either individual right or wrong.

The third person could perceive the situation completely different than the first and second individuals. A positive spin could come from this individual even though the first two did not see this. It is difficult to make a case to someone that views life differently than others do but it still does not make them right or wrong, it is solely an opinion.

Perception is the basis for my writing; because each situation that occurred that I was involved in was viewed exactly how I live my life and view situations. Others may have had different thoughts or perceptions on how life was previously but that does not make any one of us right or wrong. Each situation that occurred to me as a child impacted me differently than other people involved and that can make situations complicated. From the time I was a young child up until I got sober, life was not happy for me therefore every situation that occurred throughout this time frame had a negative impact on how my life would continue.

Maybe things would have been different if as a very young child I was given the opportunity to be happy and just enjoy life, but unfortunately I wasn't. I am sure there are thousands of people that have had a childhood similar to mine but turned out to have a great life without alcohol. This is where I feel that genetics and traits come into play, I was born into an addictive personality that unfortunately, could not be changed. The difference with me was that I had no reason to perceive life differently, so I went down the wrong path.

My coping mechanism began at an early age with using alcohol as my crutch but that was my choice at the beginning and it turned into a life altering disease. Alcohol was my choice of making me feel better about a life that I perceived as terrible and nothing could be done to make it better. I did not have a positive perception of life because I had been brought up no other way, so as life continued I had the mindset that no one was going to help me get to where I wanted to be, so I would need to do it my self.

The basis for perception is my life was attitude, and my attitude at a young age was not positive which in turn just into trouble. I made the right choices late in life and that is when my perception on life turned positive.

Eileen DeClemente is the author of ALIVE A Courageous Story of Addiction, True Love and Forgiveness. Diagnosed with Alzheimer's a few years back, Eileen decided to write a book on her experiences as a recovering alcoholic for the past 20 years and her family's relationship both then at the height of her addictions, and now. Eileen is a courageous woman who shares her story in hopes that her words will give hope to even just one hopeless person!! Eileen has been intimate with death-but she chose life!!


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Posture and Perception
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