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Alcoholism Physical Symptoms Be Aware of the Signs


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In many cases, people who consume a lot of alcohol get several types of problems. Basically, alcoholism is a disease that is defined as an addiction as where the amount of alcohol consumption reaches a level that disturbs the physical and mental conditions of the person. This could sometimes create problems in the professional, private and social life of the person. There are many alcoholism physical symptoms that can be easily seen in the person who takes alcohol in excess.

Regular consumption of alcohol can create long-term dangers to the health of the person. It puts a person on a risk of developing some serious health problems and mental illnesses. Here is the list of all those possible symptoms that can be seen in an alcohol-addicted person.

* Liver Inflammation: This is the most common alcoholism symptom. It creates massive pain in the abdominals. It also makes abnormal yelling of the skin, eyeballs and urine. The person whose liver is inflamed may also suffer from a constant fever. Since alcohol destroys the cells of the liver and also the ability to regenerate the new cells, long-term use of alcohol can damage the liver badly.

* Cirrhosis of The Liver: This symptom of scanning or cirrhosis of the liver tissue can be of exhaustion or tiredness, loss of *** force, sudden loss of weight and nausea. All these diseases can be very painful both physically and mentally.

* Malnutrition: It is also one of the common alcoholism symptoms. This can lead towards the dizziness, sudden weight loss, tiredness and also reduction in the function of the immune system. Regular intake of alcohol also decreases the intensity of the person's body to fight with diseases.

* High Blood Pressure: Constant intake of alcohol can make you patient of the high blood pressure. The symptoms of high blood pressure are headache, dizziness, affected or blurred vision and nausea. This also increases the chances of heart attack, as it is capable to raise the levels of triglycerides in the blood.

* Pancreas Inflammation: Excessive consumption of alcohol can result in the development of inflammation of the pancreas, which is also known as pancreatitis. Pancreas is responsible for the digestion of food and the affected pancreas can cause immense pain in the abdominals and sudden weight loss.

* Insomnia: Alcohol can take your good night sleeps from you, as it directly affects to the several parts of your body that make you awake whole nights. If it is not treated at a right time then it can affect you continuously for several weeks.

* Erectile Dysfunction: This symptom is related with the *** power of the man. Excessive drinking can make difficult for a man to enjoy his *** life.

There are several other symptoms that can be seen in the long term like damaged brain, nerve damage, depression, esophagus, stress and many more. If you are a woman and addicted to consume alcohol on a regularly then you can become the victim of breast cancer.

After coming across all these above mentioned adverse alcoholism physical symptoms, you should try to stop consuming alcohol. If you cannot leave it just try to decrease the amount that you take so as to stay healthy.

Graham Timson has a special interest in alcoholism and has been writing many ‘alcohol abuses’ related articles to graciously aid people to understand the problems and for those who need it, to get help with it.

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Recognizing The Signs Of Alcoholism
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