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Alcohol Abuse Signs and Symptoms 7 Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Bill Urell

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Alcohol abuse is certainly different from having an occasional drink or being a social drinker.

People who come to have difficulties with alcohol generally follow a progressive path. What may start as an occasional drink now and then can progress to drinking greater quantities and more frequently. One of the warning signs of alcohol abuse is that problems start occurring that are related to drinking. Here are some signs and symptoms that alcohol use may may getting progressively worse.

1. These days, do you find that it takes more alcohol to feel good than it did in the past? If you are getting to the point where you can ‘drink anyone under the table', it is not a bragging point. It indicates you are developing a tolerance for alcohol, and that is a danger sign.

2. Do you start focusing on keeping a constant alcohol supply handy? Does the idea of not being able to get a drink easily start to occupy your thoughts more than it has in the past?

3. Do you ever drink or use more than you intended to? Have you set a limit for yourself and then not been able to keep it? This may be not drinking until the weekend, or only having one drink after work. The loss of the ability to control alcohol use is a symptom of alcohol abuse.

4. Do you have blackouts or periods where you can not remember what has happened or conversations? This is a sign you have had too much to drink and abused liquor. Frequent blackouts is a sign of addiction.

5. Do you find yourself reaching for alcohol as a solution when you feel emotionally upset, need to calm yourself, or feel anxiety of any kind? This can indicate an increasing emotional dependency on alcohol.

6. Have you ever been drunk or high at work, school, special occasions, etc. to the point where you could not fulfill your obligations? Has your drinking become so important your life is grinding to a halt?

7. Have you ever driven while drunk or high, or done any other activity which would have placed you or others in harms way? That is certainly alcohol abuse.

And if you have answered yes to any of the questions above, there may be a chance some further information may be helpful to you on alcohol abuse.

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Thank you from Bill Urell and the Addiction Recovery Basics Network.


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With Alcohol Abuse - Causes Are Multilayered
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