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Approval Addiction - Talk Yourself Out of It


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It is time to put your approval addiction in the past and start looking towards a brighter future. You were approved before you were born and it is time you stop letting others take that away from you. Look at yourself and I mean really take a close look. You're one magnificent creation and you should marvel at this fact.

Can you find anyone else around the world that is your exact replica? I think not; how about someone who has your smile - your exact taste or the experiences that made you who you are today?

If you show gratitude for all the good and not celebrate the bad things or those things you would love to change then you will have no problem being self-reliant and you will be developing a healthy foundation of self love.

It is the people who know what their value is or those that create a high sense of self worth that become the people they want to be in life. You don't need anyone to tell you that you're making the right decisions or that you can't get something done. That is all up to you.

Hold in your mind the image of the person that you try to please most in your life and ask yourself why you do this.

You may realize that they're lots of different reasons but finding that out here and now will benefit you in the long run. The first step in getting over it is to admit it to yourself and then determine the method you will use to put this approval addiction behind you.

Approval addiction can be overcome by a simple step plan that includes talking to your self. No I don't mean crazy talk like a raving madman (who ever said talking to your self was crazy anyway - maybe you don't do it because you want the approval of someone else) but positive self-talk can change your outlook on the situation.

Thinking positive and speaking positive are great tools for putting this habit behind you. If you constantly confirm to your self that you're beautiful then you won't need anyone to tell you that now would you?

You will start to feel it and pretty soon you will start to live it. It is a scientific fact that words have an effect on the human body. It can be a cure or a curse and it all depends on what you say and how those words make you feel.

If you constantly put yourself down and say I'm not lucky or I'm not pretty or I'll never get that done then guess what - you have just spoke it into your reality. Your actions from there on out will be geared around what you have just said.

Are you getting the bigger picture? It is time to change your self-talk and look at creating a new positive outlook on life. Try this for at least 30 consecutive days and you will be amazed at the turn of events.

Also try to stay away from the people you try to please most and you will realize that they will begin to miss the attention and they just might start pleasing you. Just give it a little time and I guarantee it will be worth it.

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