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Alcoholism Disease - The Gradual Harmful Process in Alcoholics


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Alcoholism is a disease wherein an alcoholic is unable to stop himself from drinking the alcohol despite its harmful effects. It has repercussions on both the physiology and the psychology of the affected person. Almost all body parts are affected due to this dreadful disease. The effects might be either direct or indirect. Ailments like cirrhosis of the liver and signs of diabetes may be due to alcoholism. It also leads to family conflicts, problems in social adjustment and instability in career.

Social Co-Operation
Alcoholism can partly be cured at its early stage with the co-operation and support of family. Some researches prove that intrusions by physicians lead to less consumption of alcohol among patients. The alcoholism disease can be detected by closely observing the intake pattern and various pressures to consume alcohol. In spite of social and physical compulsion, an alcoholic does not stop drinking the alcohol. Though there is no particular criterion or method of diagnosing alcoholism but the compulsion to drink, regardless of undesirable consequences is one of the parameters used to diagnose it. In the past few years major efforts have been made to scrutinize the notion of alcoholism disease. Ultimately, most of the people reach to the same conclusions - that alcoholism is a disease which has biological basis. Based on research, a number of treatments for alcoholism disease have been practiced. These treatments, or alternatives, provide extended chances of recovery.

Factors behind Alcohol Disease
It has been realized that alcoholism is a disease and people have started taking this stigma seriously. There is also an accepted fact that alcoholism disease goes genetically and there is always an organic and hereditary basis to this disease. It passes on from one generation to another generation. Another section of experts believe that it is not a genetic problem but people who have strong desire to consume addictive things including alcohol tend to take it. There is a kind of biological tendency in some people to get themselves indulged in. In fact both these concepts are now accepted as being accurate. In some people you will find alcoholism disease inherited from their family and in others you will find it as a strong deliberate compulsion to drink. Hence, you cannot blame people with biological tendency. But even then any individual with alcoholism disease should always take proper steps to check the growth of this disease, which covertly comes with the fun and amusement in life.

Drug Addiction
Alcoholism disease is more like a drug addiction and is harmful not only for the mind and health of alcoholic but also for other people in his or her vicinity. It leaves bad impact on family, career and work tasks of alcoholic. If you are taking alcohol for a long time, then you might involve into some disastrous diseases like inflammation in liver which can cause damage to liver and leads to the scarring of liver tissue. You might also have the problem of high blood pressure resulting in dizziness and headache and malnutrition due to alcoholism disease.

After having an overview of alcoholism, you can take better steps to refrain from this disease.

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Alcoholism Side Effects & Alcoholism Symptoms - Learn How Alcoholism is Linked ..
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