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People who have been dependent on addictive drugs for a period of time experience an involuntary attachment to them. They have uncontrollable urges as a result of the addiction. They are changed by their condition where drugs take control of their lives.

Drug addiction has seriously damaging effects not just on the body and mind of the addict but also on his relationships with his family, friends, and coworkers. The consequences can be devastating that most people spiral down to hopelessness and helplessness.

Treating Addiction

The first step to treatment is detoxification or the complete withdrawal from the addictive drugs. This is the most difficult part for addicts. Most people begin using drugs thinking they can quit anytime on their own. But the addictive elements of a drug prevent them from getting clean on their own.

Rehabilitation requires professional and expert intervention. Drug abuse often springs from deeper issues that must be resolved if drug addiction is to be dealt with effectively. During detox, it is important that patients get the help they need.

Withdrawal symptoms that arise from detox can be very painful. The body, which has grown used to the presence of certain chemicals form the drugs is readjusting to its absence. The symptoms may be manifested physically and behaviorally. With proper and scientific detoxification, therapists lessen the level of discomfort caused by drug withdrawal.

But detox is not only administered physically though medication. It also incorporates counseling to deal with the mental distress of drug withdrawal. This type of therapy is important to convince a patient to give up drugs for good. It also reinforces his resolve to change his life.

After several days of detoxification, a medication may be administered on the patient to prevent his cravings for the addictive substance. The patient may be able to go home and pick up the pieces of his life.

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