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Abundance - Receiving is an Act of Abundance

Rusty Cox

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Abundance, how do you let it into your life? We often ask for things but often shoot ourselves in the foot. A key step in the law of abundance is what allows you to receive the abundance of the universe.

Receiving is an act of abundance. It is part of the reciprocal cycle that begins with giving and continues with asking. The cycle is brought full circle with receiving. So open yourself up to receive without expectations and without attachments. Then remain open to receive through the next growing season.

Through the use of Shamanic practices you can learn to shift your personal energy and bring more abundance and joy into your life. By exploring the world of Shamanic Wealth and Energy you can learn how to improve your daily life. Through Shamanic practices you can clear the blocks that keep you from finding abundance in your life.

In the time of stillness and quiet of the Winter Solstice, the earth appears to stand still briefly, to come to a stop on its path around the sun. What better time to practice stillness yourself? It is easier to receive from a place of stillness.

For some receiving can be difficult, because we often get caught up in the mode of always giving. There is abundance in everything in the universe. Practice stillness so that you can find the energy you need to benefit from the universe's abundance of everything. Learn how to use that stillness to use and promote your new life abundance. Keep in mind that the universe is more willing to give then we are to receive. Let go of what has been and embrace what is to come with open arms and heart.

There are two ways to receive:

  • receive without expectations
  • receive without attachments to what you do receive

The way to practice these two ways to receive is to consider what you need, let go of any expectations, let get of what you think you need, and remain unattached to the outcome of receiving. Now you are ready to receive what the universe brings. You will usually find yourself far happier with what you receive if you practice this method of being receptive. You might even be surprised to discover that your expectations have been exceeded. In a strange twist of logic, when you remain unattached to the outcome of receiving, you will often find you get more than you expected.

So as each calendar year comes to a close, accept things offered without anticipation and without any strings attached. Accept things only as they are given and on face value. Then through the next growing season remain open to practicing abundance as you exercise each act of receiving.


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