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Prosperity Is a State of Mind

Auriella O'Neill

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Prosperity is a state of mind. If you think you are rich then you will be rich. If you think you are poor, then you will be poor. It is when you shift your thinking then you shift what you experience in your life. It is really as simple as that. When you observe what you see presently in your life then you produce more of the same. When you envision what you desire to become and are becoming than that is what you become.

It is the thoughts that you hold about others and prosperity that also determine your prosperity. Are people who prosper greatly good people or bad people? Is prosperity for all or just for some lucky few? Is having the prosperity of money good or is it not? Examine your thoughts regarding these question regarding prosperity and money for if you are not in alignment with feeling joyful and good about money, prosperity, and those that are already prosperous then you are stopping the flow of prosperity coming to you. You cannot not envision yourself as being prosperous and then have thoughts and beliefs that are opposed to having an abundance of prosperity and money. It is dichotomy that will inhibit the prosperity from flowing to you.

Your thoughts about money and prosperity determine what you have in your life. It is how you perceive money, what you think about abundance, how you regard others who have money or don't have money that are a few of the key factors in determining your own prosperity. If you feel another is deserving of his/her prosperity and can genuinely feel happy for their abundance then you put yourself in a vibration of more abundance for yourself. But if you resent another person for their financial abundance then you are limiting and restricting what can flow to you in wealth.

In our societies, there is much fear generated around not having enough money or losing what we already have and that we have to protect it from going away. And it is in this very clutching of the money and fear of losing it that we limit it from flowing to us. If you can freely share with others your abundance no matter how great or small you perceive it to be without making a judgment of the person receiving your gift of abundance and with out feeling the fear of then there will not be enough for you, then you are truly in a mindset and vibration of abundance that will surely increase.

Prosperity is not just about money. It is how you perceive life. If you feel that there is an abundance of all things in life, then you open the doors to let all things in wonderful abundance flow to you. If you feel there is a limited amount and that we must compete for what there is, then you put yourself in a mode and vibration of scarcity and that is what you will experience in your life.

If instead, we saw prosperity as a flowing river that is ever bringing more prosperity to us and that the flow of the river also is the prosperity continuing on its way to somewhere else, then we will have placed ourselves in the midst of the flow to receive all that comes our way and be at ease as the river flows to others and is shared with others.

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