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Want Prosperity? Why You May Not Be Manifesting the Abundance You Desire

Cari Campbell

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Are you desiring prosperity but not manifesting? Do you see money as a way to escape your current reality, or to solve your problems? If the answer is yes, then you are actually holding money away from you as you are denying your current reality.

To want money as a form of escape is to deny that you created your current reality, as you are not accepting why you created your current financial situation. If you want more money to escape a crappy job, debt, or poverty, but you aren't willing to stop and look at why you are in your current situation, it is almost guaranteed the money won't come, and if it does, you will most surely lose the money somehow. For me, there were times when I really wanted to come into large sums of money, but as I watched my thoughts during those times I realized I wanted it so I didn't have to deal with certain situations.

For example, if a client was rude, I would immediately reject that rudeness and feel that if I had a lot of money I could fire the client, but then I realized that I could use the rudeness to learn about myself. What was the rudeness teaching me? I learned that I can communicate from my heart and neutralize the combative personality of my client. One of my lessons, I feel, is to learn to speak from my heart instead of letting my ego get in the way. And really, money doesn't even make a difference because you still have to speak to people when you are wealthy! This freed up my energy, as I was now in a place of empowerment and love instead of rejection and escape.

To shift to a new level of prosperity, you have to see clearly where you are now, accept your situation, and learn to love it! Why should you love where you are? Because you created this! When you accept where you are with peace in your heart you can see clearly the reasons you created your financial situation. Then you can learn the lessons you wanted to learn and move on. If you want money to escape and aren't willing to look at why you are where you are, the money won't come, as you haven't learned the lessons. To desire escape is to deny the fact that you chose your reality. There is so much freedom in acceptance. If you can accept where you are, then are free to leave the situation. When you reject your reality you actually keep yourself tied down- you will probably continue to create similar situations over and over until you find peace.

Find inner peace now, no matter where you are. If you want prosperity so that you can have peace, it won't come first. The inner peace must come first, then the money. Loving where you are comes first, then more joy and abundance follows. Remember, feelings lead to manifestation. What are you feeling about your current financial reality? How can you feel better?

Take time to see how your current financial situation is helping you. Maybe it is helping you manage your money better, or to learn new skills. Perhaps your current financial situation motivates you in a way that being wealthy does not. What wonderful lessons are you learning? Appreciate where you are. Trust yourself and your higher wisdom, and your ability to create your life in a way that is perfect for you. Wherever you are is perfect, so embrace it!

To accept where you are with joy is to be empowered. You can begin to live your dream life, now. If you want more money to travel, then commit now to saving for travel. Put money away to travel, even if it's only $5 a month. Let the $5 be a symbol of your commitment and power. If you want to eliminate debt, then start now. Skipping just one impulse purchase is an act of power. Paying an extra $10 on a debt is an act of liberation!

There is freedom and prosperity all around, but only you can embrace it. Embrace who you are and where you are. Embrace the energy of freedom while loving your current reality. See where you are clearly for what it is- an opportunity to learn about yourself.

Cari Campbell


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