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Could You Be Playing Victim And Blocking Abundance? Embrace Personal Power, Embrace Abundance


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A lot of people are not even aware that they are living life like a victim. This is not always a conscious choice; the circumstances may make you feel like a victim. But when you say “I am Victim" the Universe perceives it as you saying, “Give me more reasons to feel like a victim".

No matter how difficult your life situation is, it is possible to turn it around, but for that you have to release the victim inside you and take responsibility.

Signs of playing a victim

* Feeling that life is unfair especially for you

* Feelings like “My life is always a struggle"

* Self pity

* Expecting sympathy from other people

* Complaining and blaming people and situations for your problems

* Not owning up to mistakes and refusing to take responsibility.

How to release the victim inside you and embrace personal power and abundance

* Take responsibility for your life situation and believe that you have the power to resolve the challenges.

* Let go of blame and take action

* Learn to say no when needed and stand up for yourself. I meet many clients who say yes when they want to say no. The result? irritation, frustration and feeling like a martyr. In the long run when you are not happy, you cannot make people around you happy.

* Let the past go. If you have to look at the past, look at it only to heal. You can heal past issues very effectively with Emotional Freedom Techniques.

A few more suggestions

* When you feel self pity, repeat to yourself “I get what I vibrate, if I feel self pity I will attract more events where I can pity myself"

* Ask yourself, if there was a hidden benefit of feeling and behaving like a victim what would it be?

* Complete this sentence “I feel like a victim because. . . . "

List the reasons, that comes to your mind. These reasons are weighing you down and it is advisable to heal it with EFT or any other healing method that you are comfortable with.

Remember carrying past baggage is like going on a journey with loads of unwanted stuff that only weighs you down. Heal your past and make place for new.

I know how difficult it feels to be overwhelmed by life, but I urge you to release the victim inside you. You were not created to live in helplessness and lack. The difficult life situations may have made you feel that you are less but how can you be less when you are part of the source energy.

Heal your past, take small steps like including EFT in your daily routine, maintaining a gratitude journal, taking help from a professional, so that you have the support and the encouragement to move forward and embrace your personal power and abundance.

Begin now, release excuses and start taking responsibility right now.

Susitha P. is an Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Law of Attraction Practitioner and specializes in applying EFT to clear blocks to Abundance. She has used EFT successfully to help people eliminate negative emotions and thought patterns that block the manifestation of goals using the Law of Attraction

To receive a free EFT Audio and an E-Book on Healing Fear of Failure with EFT subscribe to her newsletter, visit

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