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Be the Abundance That You Are


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Webster's defines the word abundant: “Marked by great plenty (as of resources). " Most all of my life (so far), I experienced the illusion of a sense of lack, of “not enough. " I always thought of abundance as something that those other people had. These were folks who, I observed, had an abundance of financial wealth, of possessions-big houses-flashy cars-fine clothing. They had lots more friends, lots more things! That has often been my take on abundance.

Moreover, in my mind, that abundance equaled happiness.

Currently, I am experiencing a new take on abundance. Eckhart Tolle, a current spiritual teacher, says on page 190 of A New Earth, “If the thought of lack-whether it be money, recognition or love-has become part of who you think you are, you will always experience lack. "

When I experience the Being that I am, I notice that I am abundant life! That sort of “spirituality" is currently unavailable to my mind, perhaps yours as well. My mind, by the way, will never understand the fullness of life.

The Secret, a motivational movie and book based on the “Law of Attraction, " has had a great, uplifting effect on our society. Of course, it's an ancient law and is no secret that like vibrations attract one another, the producers of The Secret found a way to get this truth out to tens of millions of us.

From The Secret website: “Without exception, every human being has the ability to transform any weakness or suffering into strength, power, perfect peace, health and abundance. "

Remember, your Pure Awareness has no form. You are pure Spirit. Pure Awareness can go anywhere without disturbing thoughts and forms. You are now in the state of Pure Awareness. Notice, if you will that it's not really an experience of the absence of form, sound and matter. It is more often a feeling of the abundance of everything. Experience this Pure Awareness. Enjoy the abundance!

That's the law!

For more than 30 years, Marty Murphy has studied the effects and healing of unresolved emotional pain. In 2005, Marty founded The Freedom Step ( ). TFS guides us to an experience of the joy of Pure Awareness. Each of us is Spirit; each a healer, here to wake up and heal ourselves and each other. Marty wrote The Mind Whisperer: The Freedom Step Out of Slavery to take readers deeper into the philosophy and workings of The Freedom Step program. Marty and Monita, his wife of 45 years, live in La Mesa, CA. Visit The Freedom Step site to learn more about energy healing of emotional pain.


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