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Prosperity, How to Attract It

Anthony Kollar

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Prosperity and how to attract it has been and will always be, both fascinating and rewarding. Have you ever heard of the law of attraction. Can you guess what it was called before it was popularized as the law of attraction?

It was the Law of sowing and reaping. Yep!

Plant an orange seed and you won't get grapes, no matter how hard you try! Why Because it's not in the seed. Whatever is in the seed is what will be in the fruit, or the result. Is prosperity in you?

Pretty simple right. It is simple when we put it in that context, but something happens when we look at it in the context of prosperity. This is where beliefs shift! We really believe the idea about the seed, but when it comes to Prosperity do your beliefs shift?

In other words, do you really believe you have sown the seeds of prosperity and reaped scarcity and lack. Are you reaping something you did not sow? Sometimes it feels that way doesn't it? At least it did for me!

It was only when I looked at things carefully that I understood my beliefs were skewed. You see, what happens is, you do some things prosperous, then do one or two things that sabotage prosperity and suddenly there is not enough to pay the bills. It wipes you out emotionally, and you feel like, what is the use.

So we look at what we are doing right, and not those little choices and habits that sabotage our entire life and efforts. What's the secret, listen carefully!

Prosperous people know the secret is in the seed they sow, or the choices, habits, attitudes, beliefs, speech. Prosperous people know if they experience lack or scarcity they must first look inward. Prosperous people know that when everything is prosperous on the inside they will attract prosperity.

So the bottom line is your beliefs. If you believe you are experiencing lack or scarcity because of someone, or something else, you will stay in the same situation. I call that the victim rut. It is everybody else fault that I am in this situation, I am a victim. Not a happy place to be in!

But if you believe you have attracted that and you want out, I have good news! Get this core belief right and amazing things will begin to happen for you, instead of to you. The core belief is, I am responsible for where I am in life.

Begin to develop beliefs and habits that attract prosperity. Get this right and Prosperity cannot resist you! Then all you need is to sow the right seeds. Seeds of prosperity.

I have learned several ways to attract prosperity, but this is a great place to start. This will help you to take prosperity to the next level, and will absolutely knock your socks off.

Discover how to Unleash Prosperity at warp speed! Are you ready?
Anthony Kollar


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