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Attracting Prosperity Begins With You

Anthony Kollar

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Prosperity will come to those that have what attracts it on the inside. Your beliefs play a major part of what you attract into your life. Have the right metal in your soul and prosperity will not be able to resist coming to you. The key is to have what prosperity loves on the inside, your beliefs.

Before it was called the law of attraction, it was called the law of sowing and reaping. It's easy to believe that you ca not plant corn and get wheat. Why? Because it is not in the nature of the seed. It is easy to believe that what a farmer plants he reaps.

But our mind shifts when it comes to creating prosperity and we look at our own situation. What we see and experience in our own life. What we are reaping is a direct result of what we plant as a result of our beliefs.

So, if we are reaping lack and scarcity and we blame other people for our circumstances our beliefs have changed. But the law of sowing and reaping never changes.

The good news is, everything changes the moment you really believe the law of attraction, or sowing and reaping.

One of the most common goals people set when first learning about the Law of Attraction is to attract more prosperity or money into their lives. You are sick of struggling, not having enough, and your ready for some relief.

The bad side is, attracting money is often one of the most difficult things. Why? Because there is a lot riding on the success or failure of our goal to attract more money! Namely peace of mind, happiness, security, and much more.

Here is what happens more often then not. Placing such strong emphasis on attracting money only creates more blockages which causes more lack and scarcity

When you spend all your time and energy focusing on desperately needing more money, and that you cannot be happy without it, the more frustrated you get when it does not come. That creates more frustration.

In fact it may even seem you repel prosperity! I have good news, you can attract prosperity, but there is a right way and a wrong way. Here is one of the biggest secrets to attracting prosperity, stop trying so hard.

Yea I know sounds crazy, right. It is true. The more tense and stern you are about attracting money, the harder it is going to be.

It is almost as if you make attracting prosperity fun. Keep it fun and something magical begins to happen, you start attracting what you want seemingly effortlessly.

It is a natural prosperity attractor. In fact, make it your mission to be lighthearted and easygoing about money and everything else in your life from now on.

No more stressing out about money! Yes I know the bills are piled up and you are in emergency mode. I have been there. I have also applied what I am saying here and It works.

Not only will you end up attracting more money, but also more love, joy, peace, fun and passion in all areas of your life. Start letting your Dreams sizzle again and it will help you become a prosperity magnet.

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Anthony Kollar


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