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Attract Prosperity With These 3 Well Known Secrets

Anthony Kollar

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How To Attract Prosperity. You are in for a treat! If you do, just this one thing your entire life will change, and prosperity will be like a geyser, pouring into your life.

Before we get to that one explosive thing that attracts prosperity let me give you a couple other secrets that will put prosperity into mach ll.

1. Your true core belief about the law of attraction also known as the law of sowing and reaping.

You will attract what you believe, or have on the inside. In other words, the metal in your soul is like a magnet, it will attract things with like properties.

2. Stop trying so hard.

Desperation, worry, impatience, anxiousness does not attract prosperity, it repels it.

Simply put the laws of prosperity in place and let them do the grunt work. Stepping into prosperity should be fun and exciting not arduous and burdensome.

Here is something I really love. It changed my life, income and relationships, everything is different now. Yes, it is that powerful!

3. Be what you want to attract

Easier said then done right, not really. Let me start with 3 areas you can begin to work on today!

First. Your mindset

Many people have a junkyard mindset full of negative self sabotage thoughts. The way you think is important. If your way, is negative, critical, doubts, limited beliefs, you will have a junkyard mindset.

Clear the prosperity blockers by shifting the way you think.

What if.

Yea but

I know it will never

I don't care

This is mind junk. Remember, your thoughts are seeds. If you plant those seeds what kind of fruit will they attract into your life. Get free from all the junk!

Second. Your heart, your feelings

Yes, feelings. How you feel about your present situation will effect your future. How you feel about people will dictate how you treat everyone else.

What you “feel" will cause you to create scenarios in your mind. If you feel poorly toward a person do you really believe it does not affect your entire life?

You have to let it go. Believe me I know it is difficult. I had a horrendous crime committed against my family. I cannot describe the feelings I had. It affected my whole life, everything.

I finally decided to let it go! It was not a one day thing, but everyday I moved forward slowly. God gave me the strength day by day. You can do this too.

Third. Habits

Habits are patterns. These patterns make up the blueprint of your life. Habits are where you set things in motion. When you put this together with a prosperous mindset and prosperous feelings, you will become a prosperity magnet.

Look at your habits, anything need changing? Here is a secret, do not focus on getting rid of lack and scarcity habits. Instead put a prosperity habit in place. That

way you are focusing on good things.

What will happen is the Prosperity habit will crowd out the poor habit

It will help you turn around your finances with lightening speed, and come into Prosperity and Abundance. So start attracting Prosperity today.

Discover how to Unleash Prosperity at warp speed! Are you ready?
Anthony Kollar


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