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Prosperity Not Poverty Thinking

Debra Paschke

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You see, I'm BIG on mentality, mindset, AWARENESS. . . call it what you want.

I know with every cell of my body that our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs shape the world we create for ourselves.

I watch it happening quite frequently matter of fact. I can see that if I'm vibrating at that frequency of “fear", then what I produce is more things that cause more fear. On the contrary, if I'm vibrating at that frequency of confidence, with a rock solid belief in MYSELF, then I manifest things with total ease.

I watch it happen. You can watch it happen too. But the trick is. . . you have to pay attention. You have to be AWARE of these things and how they work.

Its amazing how one person can call someone and 10 minutes later that person will have joined their business. . . While someone else could call that same exact person with the same exact business at the same exact time. . . and get absolutely no where.

The difference is YOU.

So if you want to be successful, then study what other people WANT. They want a leader, they want some one to follow who is confident, they want someone who cares about them, they want someone who has knowledge to share, and they want someone who can show them solutions to the problems they have.

Do you need to be all those things? No.

Do you need to have all those things right now? No.

But what you DO NEED to do is be dedicated to GROWING, so you can develop those things.

I promise you. . . you are innately powerful. You contain the innate ability to create success for yourself. But you have to TAP into that innate ability. You have to tap into your innate confidence and rock solid belief in YOU.

Once you do. . . it's all over. You write the book. You don't watch the book getting written for you.

In other words, you don't watch reality dictate your life. You consciously create the reality you want for yourself.

And here is where it starts right in this moment with you DECLARING that you want to Grow more.

With you ASKING for more lessons, that will lead to more growth. And DON'T complain when those lessons come. They probably aren't going to show up in the form of a million dollars falling out of the sky and landing on your porch.

But those lessons are exactly what YOU need. So appreciate them, no matter how hard they might seem to be.

One of the reasons why I believe I've been able to create some decent success in a short period of time is because I CHALLENGE myself.

I ask for DIFFICULT lessons. I ask for ANYTHING that will cause me to grow.

When I'm in Yoga and the teacher says this pose is “optional" I do it with everything I have left.

I push myself in every facet of life I can that has NOTHING to do with business. . . and business is so much easier. When I face in obstacle to me creating wealth I simply walk around it.

I figure out what the problem is, I devote myself to finding the solution, and I overcome it. I know I have more power then any obstacle will ever have. And my challenge to you here today is to Take that same attitude with you wherever you go.

I say that because I know it will help. And I know you can do it. Creating what you want in life is not hidden from you. But it takes work to look at yourself, and see the areas you NEED to work on. There is no way around it. There is no magic button. There is no one who can travel inside you and cause you to learn more or grow more. . . It's all you.

And when you FINALLY grasp that, and take responsibility for ALL that you have created. . . you can LET GO of everything you don't want. . . and consciously focus on creating more of what you do want.

I hope you've appreciated what I wanted to share today, and you ride off into the sunset to soak up all the “wonderful" lessons that await you.

Debra Paschke


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