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When I was a child my father often laughed and told me I experienced “9 Day wonders". He was referring to the fact that I often became fascinated, totally engrossed in something then suddenly lost interest in it…. for a week I would be obsessed with model planes, then I was fascinated by nature and kept a nature diary…then I wanted to build a go kart.

Recognize the same rapidly changing point of focus in your self or your children?

Perhaps not surprisingly I have carried the habit into my adult life! Before becoming interested in personal development and training I wondered how to overcome this habit.

Then it dawned on me, don’t overcome it use the situation to my advantage. Let me explain. It seems most people have what I will call an “interest window". Something will be of interest for a period of time before becoming boring.

We are often advised to set goals, how to set goals is the subject of another article, but having established goals it would be nice if we moved towards achieving them!

If you know your own maximum “interest window" you can split the achievement of goals into a series of “mini goals" or steps each one taking no longer than your “interest window".

For example if you have set a goal of passing a degree in two years time your mind will become overwhelmed by the idea of a concerted sustained effort for TWO years!

Split the goal into steps…. . read and assimilate information in one book on the subject in a period of nine days. Leave the process for a few days to allow your mind to process the information then set another mini goal!

My father was right – I do have 9 day wonders! What’s your time frame?

Robert Lee is the webmaster of http://www.2minutes2.com where you can find information on advice relating to Hypnosis, NLP and Success Training. It takes 2 minutes 2 check it out!


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