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As a child did you ever play the game “O’Grady Says"?

It’s popular with young children in England. The leader of the game gives instructions.

“O’Grady says touch your nose" – Everyone has to touch their nose. “Touch your nose" – instructions are to be ignored. If O’Grady is not “saying it" you don’t have to follow the instruction.

Instructions are given rapidly by the leader of the group. Anyone following instructions not given by “O’Grady" leaves the group until the last remaining person who wins the game.

Children love the game, but try playing it at a party with adults. Adults despite attempting to act logically and rationalize the instructions invariably do not survive in the game as long as children.

It seems that despite describing our selves as free thinking and independent we are accustomed, as result perhaps of watching television and being exposed to various types of marketing to accepting instructions and orders provided they are given in a consistent manner and tone.

Derren Brown, the famous “mind reader and hypnotist" actually demonstrates the phenomena on one of his programs telling a group of people to touch there nose, eyes and shoulder. As he says “shoulder" he touches his elbow and everyone follows suit!

When he pointed out that they were touching their elbows and not their shoulders none of the group could explain why they had done so!

This is a classic example of miss direction a technique often used in hypnosis. The brain reacts not only to audible signals but also to visual leads. A skilled hypnotist when hypnotizing a subject will slow his speak patterns, lower his voice…physically relax and reduce his breathing rate. The subject, in a relaxed state, subconsciously not wishing to conflict with his surroundings and other near him will follow suit, relaxing and slipping into the hypnotic state.

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