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Law is a vibration set into place as a regulatory agent to assist mankind in their personal growth and in the course of their lives. Every single vibration of Universal Law was established at exactly the same moment, and has never altered by even one vibration in its basic structure. This Law can expand or contract in stature and scope but not in basic principle.

Universal Law is an expanding and contracting vibration, always in motion. Each individual is responsible for his own interpretation of the law and it's application in his life. If, after an action is taken, an error has been made, it can be corrected by another action called karma. This constitutes the growth of mankind. These laws have been assimilated to stimulate your minds and to assist you in determining your truth.

Law is established not so much as a restrictive measure as it is a guideline to be used in the selection of a proper path that will enable you to avoid error in the pursuit of your personal purpose in life.

Law was not established to punish or take away from people. Law was not intended to ‘confine’ people or hold them down in any way. Law is information that has been given to mankind to help them begin a path with direction, and should be looked at as the primary tool on mankind's journey to spiritual awareness instead of as something to be avoided and/or rebelled against.

When we think of Universal Law, we think of the Ten Commandments or the Laws of Moses as the primary laws that relate to mankind here on Earth. One cannot come to terms with the role of Universal Law in their lives and in their spiritual foundation without first coming to terms with another issue as well: do you believe that this planet is the only planet in the universe that has ‘life’ on it? Are we the only species God ever created, and therefore the only species to which the law applies?

Every planet in the universe that contains life - both life as we know it and as it is unfamiliar to us - has a set of laws pertaining to the civilizations on that specific planet. Laws are not designed to apply on a universal basis, for, as we said earlier, variations in the law - as it is understood and applied by the souls on any given level of consciousness - are necessary to accommodate the varying energy levels determined by the planetary level of awareness.

In looking at the physical existence that we enjoy here on the planet Earth, we can see that as centuries pass, the vibrations of the planet fluctuate up and down depending on the dominant cultures and the dominating cultural truth. The law changes and expands and contracts in order to adapt to the growth and the standards of societies, and it is this flexibility that enables the law to be compatible with, instead of in contradiction to, the codes of the society in which we live.

The Law Is Not ‘Carved In Stone'

Universal Law, as it was set into the vibrational existence millennia ago, has changed, grown and developed along with mankind's level of awareness. As the level of awareness rises, the need for change in the law also rises. As the law changes, the room for free expression increases, leaving more to the responsibility of the individual to make good conscious choices. With awareness and knowledge comes a heightened sense of responsibility for the reality we create through our day-to-day interactions with others.

This is not to say that the law fluctuates; what fluctuates is your understanding of the law at any given point in any given existence becomes more obvious to you, and, as a result, your understanding of the law in more depth would make it appear that the law itself is ‘expanding. ’ In those historical eras when society as a whole moves away from spirituality, it would appear that the law ‘contracts. '

In actuality, Universal Law does not vary. It has great flexibility in its scope, and great differentiation in the way it is being accepted and applied by Mankind, but the law itself never varies. Stability of the law itself is the only way to ensure uniformity of the pattern of growth for all souls, on every level of existence.

It is this uniformity of the law that maintains the ‘divine order’ of the universe. That means that everything that happens in your life happens according to Universal Law; there are no accidents relating to your true, spiritual experiences. It means that everything in your life takes place at exactly the right time, in exactly the way it needs to take place.

In other words, as your soul grows and develops, the law must expand to accommodate your growth. You receive, at the early stage in your development, a ‘partial law. ’ As you grow, more and more of the scope of the total law if revealed to you to facilitate your understanding and comprehension of the law.

Understanding and applying Universal Law to one's day-to-day lifestyle is not limited to individuals. The scope of understanding is expanded on group, cultural and planetary levels as well.

Law versus Free Will and Conscious Choice

The objective of every soul is to achieve a conscious level of union with God, to live their lives on what we call ‘a level of God-consciousness. ’ For many individuals, the idea of living their lives according to Universal Law presents complex emotional obstacles, most of which are related to the issue of free will. How can a person express their free choice and give themselves up to the higher power at play in their lives simultaneously?

When and if the time comes within a given lifetime for you to place your entire being and welfare in the hands of the Creative Source - when you are asked, on an inner conscious level, to walk His path instead of the path of your emotional choosing, and allow Him to guide and release you through your inner connectedness to the essence of God Himself - a release is effected, and you are no longer totally responsible only to yourself. Within your working relationship with God, you are One with the Creative Source, and your responsibilities become joint responsibilities. This truth applies to every action you undertake during the course of the balance of your life.

To many people, this process of becoming One with your God essence is considered a relinquishing of ‘free will. ’ Is it really? What are we giving up? Are we really letting go of those aspects of ourselves, or are we opening ourselves up to the possibility of a blending of purpose and will with God Himself that expresses our Oneness with God on a continual basis?

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