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We are all living in an ever-changing world. Change. A word that needs to be thought about. Are we changing as a being where we are losing our values and codes of life? I am just thinking of all that seeing as to what is going on in today’s world. How are we treating others? Have we ever thought of that? If not, I hope we do. Please don’t lose yourself. We have too short of a time here, please realize that. Feel how we think of each other. I think this all might sound too strange, but time is not going to be the same, it will change, as it is now, I hope for good. I believe that.

Who are we? I apologize if it is bothering to any reader who might think that these are just questions that I am just asking, this is just the inner voice that I am giving voice now.

Its a fact that life is really too short and we all find ways to reach the top, we all have different definitions on that.

I believe Love is the Fifth Element. I believe if we all love each other, we can survive, else as to what I see we are deteriorating pretty badly. I hope we all can see that.

What do we want from life? I think the best of the best.

What is the best? Again everyone has his/her own definition on that.

Can we buy happiness? Can we? Can we buy feeling good? Can we? Can we buy peace inside? Can we? I think not, there is no price to it. Its all what we give to each other that comes about as feelings of love and hatred.

Do we trust? I think this has different answers depending on individuals, but I think its near to extinct, as species are going instinct, this all is too.

My purpose here is not to create any bad feelings and I apologize again if I am doing that. Its just to aware the conscious mind of some facts that I think we are not seeing clearly. I am just thinking, I can be wrong. I hope we all turn our sails to find peace and happiness in life, we just need to know how, which again is what is inside us.

So we need to explore ourselves more to find the answer in great detail and with great clarity.

Thanks for all your time to go through this, I hope it might help, I hope.


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We Are More Health Conscious Than Ever
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