Boost Your Confidence: 9 Strategies For You

Neen James

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It is difficult to always feel confident and from time to time most of us will suffer from a lack of confidence, so it is important to have techniques that we can call on to remind us of just how capable we really are. You must be your own biggest fan; you need to believe that you can do anything and when you do, others will believe you too. Easier said than done? Here are some tips that will help you believe in yourself.

What are you good at? Be realistic about identifying and knowing what it is that you are good at. Reflect on your achievements to date and write a list of the things you are very good at – all of your talents, skills and competencies and refer to it whenever you need to remind yourself that you are talented. Also, know your limits and what you’d like to improve.

Stop the chatter. Tell that little voice in your head to stop putting you down! Remember you are unique – there is no one on the planet with the same qualities, experiences, fingerprints or ideas as you – embrace your uniqueness.

Like yourself. Write down what you do and don’t like about yourself. Go through each list and embrace those things that you do like and consider how you can improve on those things you don’t like – put an action plan in place – stop beating yourself up and do something about it.

Trust yourself. Look for examples of times in your life when you have made good decisions and trust yourself to be able to do it again. Knowing your internal ‘radar’, the beliefs and values that guide you, will help you to have faith that you are being pointed in the right direction.

Create a confidence journal. We don’t all feel confident every day and sometimes it helps to take note of our feelings and how situations affect us. By writing down how you feel each day in a confidence journal you can track your responses to situations and also identify areas of your like you might need some help with. Just do this for 30 days and then spend an hour at the end of the month assessing where you find your confidence gets shaken and then determine strategies to help you overcome that in future.

Create an “attitude to do list" and stick it up where you can see it every day. Most people have a ‘task’ to do list but I find an attitude to do list more effective. This list reminds me I choose my attitude. It might include things that are important to you and help with your daily attitude. Some of the items on my list include: send a thank you note, cuddle my cat, tell someone they are special, laugh at myself. You get the idea. The simple act of writing a thank you note to someone everyday helps you remember all the things you have to be grateful for and the people in your life who help your attitude.

Surround yourself with VIPs (very inspiring people). Get rid of VDPs (Very Draining People) and only allow yourself to spend time with people who inspire you to achieve more, be more and want more from life. Seek out these VIPs. Hang out with them. Enjoy what you learn from them.

List your ‘energy toppers’ (what do you like doing)/ Make a list of all the things you love to do. Keep the list handy especially for days when you don’t feel 100%. This list doesn’t have to involve money, it could be simple things like go for a bush walk, watch the sunrise (I have a friend Robyn Henderson and she lives on the beach. She starts her day at 4.00 am and walks on the beach and photographs the sunrise every morning. What a beaturiful way to start each day).

Know your ‘energy zappers’. Be aware of tasks and activities you don’t like to do or people that drain your energy. Make a conscious decision to limit your time on those tasks or with those people, or better still, outsource that if you can.

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Three Simple Ways to Boost Your Confidence
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