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If you do anything / different / beyond others expectations in your work on your own way or private life that impacts someone else, Criticism is always possible, and likely. When you get criticized, do you view it as failure or opportunity? It’s not what you know that makes the difference in how you handle the criticism and confrontations, but how you apply & utilize what you know. Criticism is real worth comes form its ability to communicate to influence or to motivate others.

The Word criticism comes from the Greek word “Kritikos" which means the ability to discern or judge the merits and demerits and speak accordingly. Well all the hope will be treated with the matter & admiration. However most people experienced criticism in the ways that are blaming and shaming.

We enjoy criticizing politicians, social systems and anything that is directly or indirectly makes impact on us.

We, at times, don’t know how to react to criticism constructively. Commonly we belong to : a] Scream b] Yell, C] threaten. And believe that that is the best way for getting work done. There is nothing wrong in criticizing But the destructive criticism is the problem, which only identifies the problem and not offer / provide solutions or self involvement.

The objective of criticism must be on challenge or opportunity that outwit each other.

The billion dollar question is “ Why we Criticize?" Well, when we have common concern or values but different perceptions.

Criticism can be very destructive e. g. (“you are useless, duffer. " “you are a looser", “you can’t do things right"…. . ) specially in parent-child relationship. If parent says to his child “you can" then he perform even if others deny. But destructively says “You can’t then he will not even if other billions of people says he can.

On other hand Constructive criticism - E. g. “You can do much better", “Lets do it together", “Ok, keep evaluating other options & solve errors".

The other side of destructive criticism is that it generates negative feeling in the receiver, which is not ideal situation for peak improved performance. Whereas Constructive criticism helps the person in and genuine enhancement & thinks positive for receiver & self well.

At times, if we avoid constructive criticism to our near ones (Friends, Family. . Etc. ) it will brings emotional disturbance and makes distance in relationship. Because we are the strongest source to give : Love, moral, motivation, inspiration & endurance. Because a Loving emotionally responsive parent will invoke positive, cooperative , loving responses form the child.

There are times when you will expect constructive criticism but receive destructive ones then be controlled and relaxed because person doing so is the person who knows price of everything and value of nothing. But you know the key aspect that is the constructive one. Because the joy of giving moral / motivation is always double than receiving.

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The Difference Between Critiquing and Criticism
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