Excellence: An Art and Habit


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Excellence is a habit and art. When you want to excel, you become consciousness to tap the resources and newness of your own being. Always stretch yourself to see the perfection of the other person, perfection of situation, and perfection of the conditions and more importantly your own perfection. What else is the perfection other than action on the perception of perfection? Perception of perfection comes first and then the action on it follows. Energy flow on the basis of perception and attitude/belief creates (precedes) perception. When your orientation/belief is right, you are right. Incorporate the grandest belief about you and power it with your inner self even if the sense evidences are contradictory. In itself all the happening are innately perfect but our ideas drive it towards imperfections.

At the level of the original mind, you are indeed perfect but you are brought up to believe the imperfect in you. Now you have to reverse the thinking in which you feel, think and act from the assumption that you are already perfect. When you seek perfection, you seek to touch the god in you. We identify with our past and identify with the character in us to derive the identity. Instead of this identify with the perfection and let the perfection be the only identity you have. Act on your perfection in all the dimensions of life. Never ever feed the ideas of imperfections or you will be caught in the personality game. Instead understand that at the un-manifest level you are formless reality perfect in itself and take whatever form you want. All you have to do is to focus your energies on the central theme that you want to bring about your own perfections in this world. When you work with one mind and one focus, things are transformed.

Say you are caught up in the imperfect situations in life, see it as an opportunity to evolve into new and grander patterns, make it your raw material and beginning point. There are often treads for more beauty and perfection in any situation but we loose the track since we easily fall for imperfection as our reality and assume it as a dead end, a little movement will show you that you standing on an opportunity as long as there is an aching in your heart for grander and beautiful reality.

Imperfection is decease of the mind, work with the assumption that you are already perfect and you will be a brand for perfection being conscious of perfection in thought feeling and action.

Every moment is an opportunity to evolve and has been a result of enormous calculations of permutations and combinations. Your first job is accept the present reality without mental distortions and act with the strong conviction that now is an opportunity to assimilate any discrepancy and create perfection and beauty. Let every moment be filled with fire and passion for perfection and you will be accelerating on a grand journey of higher and higher creations. Let us not waste time on past and old, seek to concentrate on now and the beauty of now. Future is exact reflection of now and the attitude in the now. Sustained and trusted beliefs and assumptions eventually become our realities. Why not have grandest of assumptions of who we are and why not act on it here and now? Whatever you believe to be true in your hearts turns out eventually to be true in the outside world. Trust in the beauty of your dreams and never weaver from your own truth, after all you are here to tell your own truth which is unique and beautiful in it own way.

Author: Santosh Kunte –Mumbai India.

An avid reader of the spiritual knowledge, engineering graduate and executive. Loves reading meditation and sharing. You can reach me on sskunte2@rediffmail.com


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