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Image Expert Reveals… Unspoken $ecret to Creating Your Million Dollar ($1, 000000.00) Image!

Psychology and science have come to the conclusion that the #1 reason for your success or failure in life is hidden in the image that you have of yourself. Your self-image is made up of all of your past experiences (both good and bad) since you were an infant up until this very moment. Your past experiences are in control of your mind and how you think about YOU. I can give you a million dollar haircut (and I do give million dollar cuts) but if you have a two dollar self image of yourself, the haircut alone won’t do it for you.

The most important mission for an individual with a poor self image is to change the way he /she thinks about him/herself. Let me ask you a question. Why don’t you have what you really want in your life right NOW? I’ll tell you why. Your self image can’t accept anymore for you than what you really believe you can have for yourself. (Don’t get mad at me, I’m just reporting the research) Subconsciously, you don’t think you’re worth more than what you have. If you could be, do or have more, wouldn’t you already have it?

I know, I know…

You gotta get that degree…

You gotta read one more book

Y gotta drop one more pound

You gotta do this…You gotta do that etc.

Do you realize that someone with less talent or know how, can step right into your shoes at this very moment and start winning and start BEING, DOING and HAVING those things you keep putting off ? Why? They have a different self image of themselves. And you can develop a different or BETTER self image for yourself as well. The GOOD news is that no one or no circumstance on this planet can prevent you from improving your self-image.

Your new image already exists within-you. All you must do is accept the fact that you are worthy of anything that you want to BE, Do or Have. You would not be able to see it in your mind if you couldn’t do it. You would not be able to see it in your mind if you couldn’t be it. You would not be able to see it in your mind if you couldn’t have it.

Trust me!

I have been a student of success and achievement longer than I have been a barber-stylist (14 years), and I still remind myself daily that I’m worthy. Improving your self-image is a constant, never-ending and very rewarding endeavor. And there is no better time than NOW to start the change. You might be asking—What is the big deal about my image? Ill tell you what.


In a future article I will share how you can increase your income in an instant if you have the courage to do so.

Until then… Do your best to feel good in every moment of the day. Talk to you soon…

K. L. Horne “Your Image/Income Acceleration Coach"

=>Phone me at 215-236-0244


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