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Are you feeling jealous of the success, beauty, intelligence etc. of a friend? Do you find yourself wishing you were as lucky as him/her? Is it possible that unconsciously you may wish them wrong, look for faults in the person in order to feel better about yourself and worst yet, do you find time to give them unsolicited nasty feedback?

If you can relate to any of the feelings or actions that I mentioned above then I will just be honest: YOUR BEHAVIOR NEEDS TO STOP. Not for your friends sake but, for your own good. The green eye monster hurts the most the person that possesses it. I will explain why: While you are busy worrying about what the next person is doing, they are busy pursuing their own life. They maybe chasing after their dreams, concentrated on a strict beauty regimen etc. So what is the outcome of this situation? While they get the results they want in life you are still standing there bitter. Wow, is that self destructive or what?

Since, I am certain that this is not the way you want to live I will Give you some tips that will help you zap the green eye monster out of your life:

*Take time to get to know your self better. Once you know your True emotions and desires the less you would want anyone else's life, success etc.

*Work continuously to improve yourself. Contrary to popular belief people are not born perfect or superior to others. But, successful individuals have the ability to stay open minded and acquire or enhance their skills. Plus the more you are focus on yourself the less time you have to engage in “petty envy”.

*Be real to yourself. Understand that everyone is different. While your friend might have beautiful hair, you may have a killer smile. The same applies to talents just because your friend is a successful CEO, it does not mean you will be too. However if you focus on your own abilities you can be successful, IN YOUR OWN WAY!

*Measure success in your own terms. Once you have a deep understanding of who you are and get a clear vision of where you want to go, define your own terms of success and do not let anyone or anything redefine it for you; unless the change comes from your heart.

*Be aware of life's reality. This advice is pretty much basic understand that no matter how powerful, rich or successful you may become there is always going to be someone in top of you. But, do not forget, this rule can also be applied the other way too. There's always going to be someone less fortunate than you.

*Practice self-control- if you find yourself feeling envious stop yourself. Change your mindset; you can even laugh at yourself “I'm being foolish now".

*Go after your dreams, develop interests. Once you materialize some of your goals your self esteem will receive a boost and the less space you will have in your life for the green eye monster.

Best Wishes,

Kenia Morales


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The Veiled Gift of Envy
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