Going Home From Work


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Oh how we love to work! Work was intended to be a vehicle to sustain us, to help us to get from one place to another. It was never supposed to be the destination that it has become. Many Americans arrived at “work” and never returned home. In fact home has been abandoned for a counterfeit work life, complete with “work relatives” and “work celebrations”. A counterfeit that looks so much like the real thing, that for the undiscerning eye it's hard to tell the difference.

Even in the midst of marriage, the birth of children, celebrations with friends, a new home and aging parents, there is the ever present job, career, or business. In some cases work has become a silent member of the family who gets top priority. Priority over baseball games and recitals, bedtime stories, spontaneous dancing and romantic dinners.

There is nothing wrong with work or working hard. The challenge comes when we know our officemates or associates better than we know our own family and friends.

Work addiction is hard to break. Most don’t even think about changing the pattern of overworking until they begin to loose something or someone important. The message to the workaholic, the work addicted: It’s time to go home from work.

That is easier said then done, especially if the cycle has gone on for years. But, it can be done, and it starts in the heart. The heart is a magnificent tool that we can use to get us back on track. The heart is the place where all that is really important and sacred dwells.

The light of the heart will lead you home. You may have to ask a few tough questions; Have I been running or hiding from something at home? Are there things at home that hurt me? If I go home will I have to take off the “work” mask? Become vulnerable? Express my feelings? Say I love you?

What ever the questions are, just keep honestly asking them until you see your way clearly. If you find that home is not a good place, use your power to turn the situation around. Make home a good place for you, and a good place for your family. A place where work is not king and love is the glue that holds it all together. Even if you live alone, make home your sacred place.

Work is important and enjoying the feeling, the things and reputation that we get from working hard is nice. However, there’s always a time to go home from work. Home to that which can only be seen and enjoyed with the heart.

Jordan Mercedes is the President and Founder of The Art of Rest™ Lifestyle retreats for busy women and a rest and empowerment expert. Ms. Mercedes facilitates workshops and retreats nationally. Her mission is to help people recognize how important it is to stop the cycle of work related burnout and how rewarding it is to create a balanced life that includes rest and work. For more rest tips please visit www.theartofrest.com


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