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What is the difference between big hair stylist and normal hair dressers? Why people prefer these famous hairstylists rather than one who works in their nearby salon? Let talk about Vidal Sassoon, Trevor Sorbie and Robert Lobetta who actually are the legends not only the hair dressers that's what they say in their new book and believe it or not its fact. They have contributed a lot to hair & beauty industry by their work and have changed the whole view of the industry. As a hairdresser they also work with clients of all ages, use techniques like Blow-drying, Colouring, Perming and Cutting hair so what’s the difference? No doubt these Successful stylists have an understanding of fashion, art, and technical design but the main difference is the Communication & their Attitude.

There is very less difference between a good hair stylist and a bad hair stylist in terms of skills. Everyone cuts hair with scissor (Mine is different case I cut hair with fire also ;)), they don’t use any special or unique tools, it just they are good thinkers & are good psychologist. They do understand what client is looking for moreover they also understand the feelings which are not expressed by the client or she is getting words to express that feeling. They should enjoy dealing with the public and be willing and able to follow client's instructions. Communication, image, and attitude also play an important role in career success

To be good at this job, you should enjoy working with people, have good communication skills, be good at working with your hands, be creative and artistic and be able to work quickly and neatly. Take an example if the Honda City and Mercedes BENZ cost the same, which would you buy? Off course Mercedes! It was quite easy. Now take salon which offers low prices and offers the same quality cuts as your own salon. Now guess it? Will she select the shop that gets her there in ordinary style, or the one that goes the extra mile to make her trip a luxury experience? You guessed it. To make your salon the obvious choice, you need to go beyond utilitarian customer service, and steer your career by the Benz principle.

Like any fashion designer or architect I feel good hair dresser need to have a plan before you pick up your tools like that he is gong to do. I don't like to see people just take out scissors & combs and get into a haircut without any kind of system. Good hair dressers are the people who have a vision, possess a system, and understand shapes. I suggest every hair dresser to talk to their client about their specific need and then suggest them some suitable style according to their lifestyle, face shape & texture. Some people may feel awkward to wait and talk to their clients but I am sure Customers appreciate this systematic approach and moreover you will be able to earn their confident. Your client will feel easy and comfortable.

Here Are Few Tips Which Will Help You To Enhance Your Career

1. Smile. Always welcome your client with cute Smile. It will not only put your client comfortable but make her talk more frankly

2. Be a good listener, don’t ever let her think that you are not interested in what she is saying and never interrupt in between. Make eye contact. Don’t just look at her hair, Let a client know you're interested in what they're saying.

3. Be sure you have consulted with clients on their service needs. You should thoroughly understand what clients expect.

4. Avoid Bad Breathe, and avoid chewing gum at the time of work. I have seen clients shifting to another stylist due to your breathe. Wear clean and ironed clothes. I am sure everyone knows first impression is the last impression. Remember by presenting yourself in better way, you are winning confidence of your client.

5. Don’t be a copy cat. Create on own style, own creation are always better than copying, it doesn’t matter what you name your cut. Pay attention to every aspect of a cut.

6. Don’t work for money, instead take pride in your work, and love your profession. Money will come by itself. Hair dressing is the profession which allows you to showcase your creativity and off course you will earn name, fame and money

7. Last but not least Avoid bad temper as bad temper will take your client far away. Like any other profession, here also you will find lots of unusual clients so make sure you handle them with care. Never get irritated, your clients are paying you and they always expect something special from you.

Be warm, friendly and outgoing, and I am sure then your staff and clients will adore you. They will admire your incredible sense of style and then who knows you will be next Vidal Sassoon, George Caroll, Andrew Collinge, Pierre Alexandre, Daniel Galvin, Guy Kremer Trevor Sorbie, Robert Lobetta and other legends of Hair Dressing Indistry

This article was contributed by Nadeem Ahmed, India's leading hair stylist. Nadeem Ahmed is India's one of the leading hair fashion experts and he works at Rex Salon & Academy, Chandigarh. Nadeem also conducts classroom sessions, seminars & workshops on latest hair trends, colors, rebonding for creative professional hairstyling as well. He is national record holder (Limca Book of Records (Indian version of Guiness Book)) by cutting hair with fire, blindfolded, hair cut with cutter and piece of glass and have been appreciated by Guiness Book of World Records. For more info visit

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Communication The Key to a Happy Marriage and Financial Equilibrium
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