Struggle in this Struggling World


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Struggle is not just another word but inherits within itself many conceptions, helplessness and reflection of our modern society that relies on this word to escape itself from life’s realities.

Struggle, in our society, is tagged with those unfortunate ones who are not able to meet expectations in eyes of other people. Struggle, as the word is powerful enough to put down motivation burner of many who are striving hard to achieve something and Struggle, is no less than social venom, which slowly creeps into our mind once we find road to the goal a bit difficult.

But questions arises is that are we justified for using this word so often in today’s competitive world where almost all of us are strugglers in one aspect or other?? Some of us are struggling in meeting our professional goals, many of us are struggling to manage our personal life and several among us do not know where to start even!!!

Sadly, though, we have no one but ourselves to blame for that because we have made ourselves so accustomed to this word and use it at every single available opportunity. Let’s take an example when we see one of our friends struggling to find a job, we do not think a moment before uttering these words “Oh God!! Poor Fellow is struggling to meet his ends”.

Rather than using such depressing words, how about saying “ Hey Dude!! This is god’s way to test your inner strength. Keep trying … I know you will get an excellent platform soon to showcase your talent. ” These encouraging words can indeed give your struggling friend a new confidence and strength to walk during this testing phase.

Sometimes we forget the basic fundamentals of life and faith in the almighty. Nothing is permanent in life and struggle is just a small parcel that life offers to us to give us inner strength and remove weakness inside us. Don’t we take yak!! Tablets when we are ill. Why??? Because these tablets give us the immunity to fight against diseases. The very same way, life gives us the “Struggle” tablets to remove weaknesses we inherit during good times and to give us the new strength to face coming challenges in our journey of life.

Today, we see more failures and personal defeats than what we used to have in the past. The problem lies within us. We never go soul searching to find out the reason behind the struggle. The reason is our loneliness and we are usually left alone to fight against all problems. And one thing is for sure “It’s not easy!!!” May be that’s why a wise man has once said “We can lessen the burden of problems on us by sharing them. ”

So how about sharing each other’s problems and help out each other during Struggling times? The need of hour is to share sense of responsibility and cross this god created obstacle called “Struggle” together because Struggle becomes more struggling when you need to fight alone on your own.

Once a wise man said “It is always easy to break a single wood stick than a pile of wood sticks when bind together. ” Today, if we need to reunite our struggling world, we must unite and fight all odds together.

Aren’t you tired of calling your real life story “Struggle of a Struggler”? At least, I’m!!


P. S: - Friends, please drop in your comments on this Article because writing on Struggle was itself a struggling job. But thanks to my friends, I managed to clip together some of the points on such a struggling topic which is so vast that it needs series of books to cover all the points.


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