Balance Your Life, Not Just Your Check Book - Part 1

Matthew Tibble

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Many of us get caught up in the business of living. We go to work and put in 8 hours or more at the office, most of the week. Or, we run our own business and work for much longer than 40 hours each week, thinking we can do that little bit more to make a difference today. Saying “I only need to do this…. ", or “If only I could finish that…"

The sad reality is that this activity leads us deprived of growth in the other areas of our lives.

There have been many self-help gurus and experts that have taught the importance of having a balanced lifestyle. But the expression ‘A Balanced Lifestyle’ can seem quite vague. To attain this ideal state of living, we must first understand what is meant by ‘balanced’, and what areas should you worry about?

Having a balanced lifestyle means that you spread your time across a number of key areas in your life. It doesn’t mean that each area receives an equal portion of time and energy, but it does mean that each area should not be neglected in favor of another. Each area of a balanced life is just as important.

So, what are these areas?

Career and Business

This area of you life is concerned with the activities that you do that specifically relate to your current career or job, or your current or future business. For most of us, it is an area that takes up a large portion of our waking time.


This area is concerned with all things financial. Balancing your check book and managing your household budget and your expenses are activities that are classed in this category.


Often neglected, as we only tend to recognize our health needs when it is almost too late to do something about it, Health is a vital area of a balanced life. Exercise, healthy eating and giving your body a chance to recover from your daily activities are all important aspects of a healthy life.


This is an area that can also be neglected, mainly through a lack of planning. It includes holidaying, watching movies, visiting a nature park – basically any activity that you would classify as fun. Any activity that serves no other purpose other than to primarily give you enjoyment.


Spending time with your significant partner, friends, and family is a necessary part of a balanced life. Allowing yourself time to catch up with friends and enjoy their company is rejuvenating for both you and them.


Have you ever wanted to start a hobby, learn a language or add to your current skills but never had the time to do it? Any activity that you can undertake to expand your knowledge and education comes under this category.


Lastly, there is Contribution. Many great books and philosophies, including the Christian model, promote the idea of giving back – to tithe. Basically, this area if your life is concerned with your spiritual connection. It might be activities to do with your church, charity, or community. Giving back to others is a very rewarding experience.

So, it is one thing knowing which areas you need to be aware of, but another to organize your life so that you can spend time in each. However, the first step to a balanced life is recognizing the need to have an equally important time spent in each of these areas.

To be continued…

Matthew Tibble is passionate about helping small businesses achieve online business success. With 10 years experience in sales and marketing, he has developed an enlightened approach to business that combines proven philosophies with practical implementation. For more info, email or visit


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