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We were all born with a sense of awe and curiosity. As children we can all remember ourselves asking our parents why the sky was blue, what that four-legged creature that makes such a loud noise was called. Questions on top of questions was what we had. Everything fascinated us. However, a day came when all that stopped because we started to believe that we knew. It is my assumption that the sense of awe disappears sometime during our teenage years or maybe even before that. We are curious, but we have stopped asking questions because by then we have developed masks of knowing. It is better to not ask questions and look smart, rather than ask questions and seem stupid. I want you to realize now that “smart" and “stupid" are not real in the world that we live in. They are words, that have come to be associated with the mental workings of an individual. However, smart and stupid are agreements. Smart people are those who can do the things that people have agreed are important, and stupid people are those who have not yet understood the agreement as to why those things are important? Is then the teacher’s duty to teach them the agreement or to ridicule them since they cannot see the connection of the agreement?

I don’t want to continue to ramble on, but I have to say a thing or two about education in our times. Maybe the teacher has forgotten an essential fact: kids were not born knowing the agreements of the world. When a child is born, they don’t even know that they exist. They are just there. It’s the people who are in the delivery room that see a separate being they call a child or a baby. However, the baby herself/himself does not know what’s going on. It does not have an understanding of separateness. As this baby grows, it is experiencing life for the very first time. The things that we are now bored of and have taken for granted are brand new to this creature that is now experiencing life for the very first time. The fact is, it will also be the only lifetime that this creature is experiencing this. Some of the agreements in our world are made so that the world can function.

It’s not about the child and the education, but about how the child can serve the world after it has learned all that it has learned in school. Schools are nothing more than AGREEMENT CENTERS, where every school teaches the basic agreements to the students who are there. It’s the quickest way to have an efficient economy because once all of the students have finished with their 12 grades of school, they are now ready for the world. The funny thing is that no one ever looks at the randomness of it all. Why does the school have 12 grades or 13 grades according to the U. K system? Why 12 or 13? Why do people need 12 – 13 years of education for school? Why not 8 or 9 or even 5? No one questions these things because it’s already an agreement that schools have 12 grades. Who actually controls the world? Agreements were meant to serve us, but now it seems like people are born in order to serve the agreements and perpetuate these agreements. These agreements have now become “facts" or “the truth" and people are servants of these agreements. A child is born, has to be educated, so that they can work for a great company, earn huge amounts of money (fiat money, money totally based on faith) and then live comfortably until they are old, and then they die. Wow, we got a whole system working here. Anyone seeing the Matrix yet? The one thing that the Matrix didn’t show us was that it is actually our agreement that forms the whole world that we are living. Let me give you one more scary fact before we get deeper into this area: We are not living in the real world, we are only living in a world of words! Want me to prove it? Okay, here it goes. Who are you? Can you describe it to me without using any words? Man, are we in trouble now! From the moment of birth, to the end of our lives, we are using words that describe certain things and we agree to what those things mean, and there we have our reality!

There is no reality without words. What are you thinking in the whole time? Words! What’s going on in your mind? Words! Do you see any words in the real world? No! What do you see? You just see! You have labeled everything until all you see are words! Pass a four-legged creature that makes a loud noise and we call it a dog. We say “dog" in our heads! Label and classify, label and classify we are all taxonomists. That’s what the human species have become: taxonomists. We are not just classifying things, we are classifying our reality! It’s amazing how much we’ve taken for granted about the world. Do you know why people get bored of the world? They get bored when they think they know everything. Well, everything that they think they know are just agreements that they have learned! Want things to be interesting again? Look at what you agreed to that’s making your life boring!

Sukhbir Singh is the founder of LifeApps! Personal Development International. The article you have just read is an excerpt from this forthcoming book The World is An Agreement:How Human Beings Have Conned Themselves into Leading Inauthentic Lives. “There are only 2 outcomes for those who read this book, " says Sukhbir. 1) Going Insane or 2) Getting Enlightened.

For more information on when the book will be made available and other information regarding the seminars and products offered by LifeApps! Personal Development International send an email to info@lifeapps.com


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