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I watched the movie Erin Brokovich staring Julia Roberts during the holidays. I was inspired by this true story. This woman, with what prospective employers would have ladled as having no real useful skills, made such a profound effect on many people in a community.

If you haven't seen it, I recommend you do.


This woman clearly had balls. She had no money, no work, had been divorced twice, had no food for her three children and she stood there, in a lawyer’s office, begging for a job.

Did she get the job?

Yes, but the problem was she didn’t really ‘fit in’ at the office (short skirts, revealing tops and saying whatever came into her head without really thinking it through, her colleagues didn't like her much). But, she had the balls to carry on despite it, she had to.

Her next display of balls that stood out for me was how, from curiosity, she got stuck into helping people in a community who, without her would have probably never received justice. She worked tirelessly to help these people out; she stood for something, something that had a greater meaning. It involved her getting her hands dirty, doing things that were a bit risky. But all the time she just knew she had to help these people.

So what has all this got to do with you?

Well, as I watched I thought about my ‘balls’. I wondered how I was playing this game of life. Was I playing full out or was I playing it safe. My thinking led me to realise that I play both at times. But probably have swayed more to the paying it safe. So my new years resolution (for this September) is to find my balls more often over the next year.

Have you found your balls?

So now to you. What’s stopping you? When did you last act with balls? If you had balls what would you do?

Then do it!


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