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All things must come in their natural form and one must not force himself, for it will give rise to side-effect. Not all men are the same. Their destinies are in their own hand. Work for the right thing with the right method, we will see the right results and will be happy. He who is satisfied with whatever he possesses, will feel happy throughout. He who is not satisfied will have greediness roams his mind and peace he will not get.

We must take the root and basis as our major or prime importance. Once the basis is set up, the truth of all things will be generated. What is Root and Basis? What does the human way contain? “Three Guides and Five Constants" and “Five Human Relationships and Eight Virtues". If we do not start with the Root and Basis, but aim for the high and far (not practical), it is not natural and cannot be achieved.

The Three Guides means “The ruler is the guide of his ministers. The father is the guide of his children. The husband is the guide of his wife". Five constants means “Humanity, Suitability, Propriety, Wisdom and Credibility". Five Human Relationships means “Between husband and wife, Between parents and children, Between brothers and sisters, Between friends and Between ruler and his subjects or Between employer and employees". Eight Virtues means “Filiality, Love and respect among brothers and sisters, Credibility, Loyalty, Propriety, Suitability, Frugality or being public-spirited and Having sense of shame". This is the way of man to allow one to make oneself a perfect person and live with peace and happiness. On the other hand if one cannot follow the basis and go against it, then suffering will come and what is the root of suffering?

The root and source of suffering is the reluctance to part with the material desires and bodily pleasures of the world. If one is natural and acts without purpose, one would obtain easefulness of the mind and body. The more the desire, the more the vexation and craving. If we stay unpolluted from the worldly pleasures and are not defeated by the desires of the world, we will naturally gain peace and balance in life.

However, we are expected not to throw away the UNREAL completely. Certain people say parents are unreal and hence they are unfilial to them, is it correct? Some say money is unreal and hence they don't go to work, is it correct? It is only when the basic duty is completed that we can achieve the REAL. It is only when Man's basic duty is completed that can one accomplish the rank of being “god". It is only in having the REAL that one can see the UNREAL. However, when we have fully realized that there won't be any more REALS or UNREALS in our hearts; we are considered enlightened.

A root is the growth of all things. Take off the root, nothing will grow. Just be careful what sort of root and keep track of the root that grows. Failure to keep track, other things may grow. When one gets to the root, all cures may be seen. Life is tough and full of sufferings and when things seem to sink to the bottom, try to float again, one must find the reason for the sinking fast and the root and source that cause it to sink. Just like inner sickness that one cannot see; nothing is seen, nothing is done. Wake up to the world, remedy it and seek for perfection of life. See through everything with wisdom and save this despairing world by first saving and correcting oneself. Take out the bad roots and plant the good seeds that will we give good roots and when the roots are deep and strong, the leaves and fruits will be in abundance.

Author: T. A Chew

T. A Chew was told that if wood is away from fire, it will not burn. The wood can be used for many things beneficial to human. Do not let the forest fire burns away the good woods and roots. Even when one is sinking, one must try to float again and find the reason for the sinking. It is the root. Website:


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