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Josh Hinds

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Little acts of kindness really can make a HUGE impact on others. . . Don't believe me? Here's a personal example that I hope will illustrate my point.

The other day I was in my local Hardees (a fast food restaurant). I'm ordering my food when the woman who's taking my order says out loud “What's she doing? She knows she's not supposed to be picking that stuff up". Then the woman called to someone in the back to go help her.

Before the person had time to come from the back, I had already walked outside and took the package from her and set it on the counter. Everyone that worked there was thanking me.

To be honest, I really didn't see what the big deal was. Then the woman who'd been taking my order went on to tell me that the lady I'd helped had heart trouble, and just the day before the doctor had instructed her not to do any heavy lifting.

Do you see what I am getting at here? In my attempt to help, I didn't think it was any big deal at all. However, to the person who received this “random act of kindness", it was an all together different story!

Think back to times in your life where little things, no matter how insignificant they may have appeared to you resulted in a much larger turn out. . . That's exactly the kind of thing I am talking about here.

Oh, and another nice by-product of sharing “random acts of kindness" is that more often then not you're rewarded in some way. You may not expect to be (and you certainly don't do them for this reason), but it just seems to work out that way. Perhaps you are not rewarded directly, but it always makes its way back to you just the same. In my case it came back to me in the form of a large Coke & large fries.

The bottom line is that kindness pays dividends.

To your success, Josh Hinds

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Love Somebody An Act of Random Kindness
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