A Tale of Two Witches!


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(The following is a dialog taken from a fictitious TV show of an interview with two witches).

Happy Halloween to all our friends out there! I thought it might be enlightening to interview two real witches today and get the scoop on this most spook-tacular of holidays!

We see them on TV shows, read about them in books, but rarely get an opportunity to sit down and talk to two actual witches! What is a real witch all about?

To help us answer these questions, and more, I am pleased to introduce the first of our two real witches, Mrs. Sara Goodspell!

Thank you for being with us here today Sara. Is there a magical name you would prefer I call you?

Sara- “No, Sara is what my friends call me. Thank You for inviting me, I am so happy to be here today at this wonderful time of year to answer all your questions!"

You call yourself a witch. Are you a white witch, or a black witch?

Sara- “Well, You see, There really is no such determination amongst witches. We have only one rule, to do as we wish, but to harm none in doing so. We believe that whatever we do, good or bad, will return upon us and we will be held accountable for it. So, even though these seem like overly simplistic notions, they prevent any witch form even considering harming another person or thing.

(Unable to contain herself any longer, onto the stage strides the second of the two real witches, in full regalia, cape aflutter, staff waving !)

Hagitha- “There are TWO witches here today! And you haven’t asked me my opinion! Hail and Greetings to all, I am Lady Hagitha High Priestess of Covenpot of the ancestral line of Covenpots! Fourth degree Wiccanerian! Also known as the Great White Witch of Covenpot!

And, yes, in my many years experience, and having come from an long, long line of illustrious Covenpots, I wouldn’t practice my Craft next to anyone who would not declare herself a white witch! Who knows what she may do… if anything at all!"

Well, welcome Hagitha, it is a pleasure to have you with us today!

Hagitha- “That’s Lady Hagitha to you, muggle!"

Excuse me, Lady Hagitha. So, you say there is a big difference between witches? That is interesting! But let‘s move on. (Turning to Sara. ) Let’s talk about some of the tools of the Craft. I see you have brought your wand with you today. Could you tell us a bit about it?

Sara- “My wand means so much to me! It is a tool to help focus and project my energy. This one is a simple stick from a favorite tree in my yard, I…. " Hagitha- “YOU obviously wouldn’t know a wand if it hit you on the head! THAT stick isn’t a wand! A wand must be the exact length of your forearm, elbow to fingertip, and must be made of special wood harvested on the night of the Full Moon. My wand is a real wand, a gift from the High Druid of Covenpotshire in England, a relative of mine you know! Ha! To think you would dare try to cast a spell with that twig!" I would love to hold a real magic wand, Lady Hagitha, may I?

Hagitha- “Humpf! Don’t you touch it! You’ll contaminate it! If you knew anything, you wouldn’t dare touch a witches’ tools!

I am sorry to have offended you, M’am.

Sara- “ You are welcome to hold mine. When we charge our wands, we can fix the energy so that anyone can handle it with no harm. Go ahead, have a little fun and give it a wave if you like!"

Thank You Sara!

I see that You, (Sara) are wearing much what I would expect anyone else on the street to be wearing. Aren’t you supposed to wear black robes, and a pentagram? What about the images we commonly see on television?

Sara- “ Wearing black is a personal choice for witches. I work in a medical office, so aside from a few pieces of discreet magical jewelry, I wear everyday clothes, just like you! A witch is not concerned with others knowing who she is and what she does, so she can wear whatever she likes. You may have many witches right in your own neighborhood and never even know it!"

Hagitha- “Well, I would! If they were real withes, that is! Where is her pentagram! ( As she holds up the 6" solid silver pentagram hanging by a chain that would have been more at home hanging upon the burdened spirit Bob Marley!) A real with would proudly wear her robes, walk right into the bosses office and let him know that it is my right! What do I care what others think! I am a witch, so what if they do not like it! She doesn’t even look like a real witch! What degree are you… 1st degree of the homemaker tradition? I think we all know who the real witch is here today! Boy, aren’t you glad you didn’t just invite her!"

One last question for you today. Sara, what does Halloween mean to you as a witch?

Hagitha- (Leaning back in her chair with a smirk on her face) “I cannot wait to hear this!"

Sara- “ Halloween, or what some call Samhain, after the old Celtic holiday, is the final harvest of the year. This is the time of year when I meditate on what I have harvested by my actions and thoughts of the past year. I will consider what needs to be changed and how I have grown. Hagitha- “ Excuse me! This is a high holy day, not some candy munching, teeth rotting time to dress up like an angel! Ritual, ritual, ritual! That is what makes a witch! Where are the candles, the incense, and the altar? Meditate! Humpf! Well, Unfortunately, that is all the time we have for today. I would like to thank you both for taking the time out of your busy schedules to be here , and we wish a Happy Halloween to you both!

Sara- ‘Thank You!"

Hagitha- “That’s Samhain! I don’t celebrate your foolish holidays!" -

The moral of the story is that there is really only one way to learn, and that is by example.

That example may be of what to do, or, unfortunately, what not to do. What we are trying to learn is the wisdom to tell the difference, and that is a very personal thing learned, each on his own over time. This story was not meant to offend, or to show that I personally judge, or even opine the ways of strictly traditional witches or any of the myriad of other forms of the Craft being practiced today.

The point I am trying to make is that there really is no right or wrong way to practice. In fact, most of us are a conglomeration of many crafts, ways and traditions, melded together to form for each, a unique and highly personal path.

Isn’t that why many of us have ended up here in the first place? Even as I have just alluded to the fact that we may feel that we are on a particular side of the proverbial fence, we must remember that we all have our judgments (or is it more politically correct to say “preferences“) of right and wrong ways and means.

The difficult part is putting these aside and recognizing the Divine right in each person and to acknowledge that each is on a path that is absolutely perfect for them at this time and in this place. I like to think of the Path as a circular one, you may be ahead of another, but are just as surely behind someone else! It matters not what we think of anyone else’s’ steps, or how we would chose to walk them differently. One of the things that I have harvested this year, is the knowledge of how and how often, I judge others. It is something that we all know we shouldn’t do, but rarely enjoy admitting to participating in.

So, I have reaped the knowledge of my own judgment, and will use it sow the seeds that will turn it inward onto my self. I feel that it will do more good there, and help me to weed out that which does not serve my highest good, and the greatest good of all! So Mote it Be! *** May all your witches be real witches, Bright Blessings & Happy Holidays!

Merry Meet! I am Christina! Hope you enjoyed my article! Stop by my web site, in operation for over 6 years serving the Wiccan, Pagan, and Metaphysical communiy! Look for our eBooks, coming soon!


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