When Other People Hurt You!


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In life we all experience our ups and downs. Even if many of us would like life to be pretty much simple or perfect. However, this is far from reality. In life there is a balance between happiness and sadness. The sources that lead to either feeling may vary. Examples of what brings happiness to some people are obtaining a college degree, starting a new career, seeing an old friend etc. There is really not just one action or situation that can bring a smile in to our faces. However, this same principle applies to the feeling of sadness or grief. One reason why a person may feel sad could be cause by the actions of another person. If you ever felt sad because someone you love hurt you by betraying you, being mean to you etc. Then you get my point.

But, what should you do when a significant other hurts you? In my opinion you should not do anything; Except for standing up for yourself, by this I mean that it is okay to communicate your feelings to them and protecting yourself if necessary. Other than that you should let life run its course. I do not know about you but, I am a firm believer of “karma” or on the popular saying “what goes around comes around. ” When a person is unfair with me or simply treats me in a wrongful manner, I would usually withdraw or confront them. But, I do not try to take justice in to my own hands (revenge).

I know that some people would disagree with me but, we are not all alike and that is fine. For me personally, whenever someone does not appreciate me as a person, friend, lover, etc. and does me wrong I believe that it is their loss not mines. I believe that whenever someone that you have done nothing wrong to treats you unfairly it is a direct reflection of their personality. Think about it people that can not respect or appreciate you for who you are may not deserve you after all. An example of this would be a cheating partner he or she may have one thousand excuses and they may sound like this: my partner does not take care of me, my partner is mean to me, my partner does not help me, my partner does not appreciate me etc. I will stop listing excuses but I am pretty sure that you can add several more issues to it. When in reality the cheating spouse may be leaving out a few problems related to their own character flaws and they sound like this: I am being un-loyal to the person that shares his or her life with me; I am cheating because I am unable to be committed in a relationship etc. Did you see the connection? Isn’t it evident that the cheating partner has more issues than the other one? Wouldn’t things be different if the person sought to fix the problem with their partner instead running out and taking actions that will further destroy the marriage? Yes, I believe it would make a ton of difference.

So, whenever someone hurts you, do not let their actions change anything about you. Let life take its course and one day karma will catch up with them. Then they will know that treating others poorly is wrong. You on the other hand get to keep your head up!

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