I Can See Clearly Now - From My Higher Self

Ken Donaldson

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If you have ever climbed a hill or mountain you know that the higher you went, the more you could see.

Life is the same way: The “higher" you can go within yourself, the better, and more clearly, you can see. This is part of how you can develop the growth of your Higher Self.

There are three exercises you can do to promote your Higher Self:

- First, recognize your fears. Most fear is F. E. A. R. : Fictitious Events Appearing Real.

In other words, what you think may not be true or even real.

The big fears seem to be of: rejection/abandonment, failure, success, embarrassment, responsibility, and making mistakes.

Fear will block your Higher Self from developing and keep you immobilized.

Write down the fears you are aware of. Ask your support system and your Life Coach to help you be thorough with this. Commit daily to take action against at least one fear.

- Second, visualize. See yourself doing what you want to do and being how you want to be. Instead of fear-based thoughts, visualization gives your mind success-based thoughts.

This is a way of reprogramming yourself and protecting yourself against mind “viruses". Set aside a few minutes in the morning and in the evening to “program" yourself. . . see yourself being how you want to be.

- Third, finish unfinished business. Old wounds and resentments can fester and sabotage your success.

If you need to say something to someone to be complete, then go say it and be done.

If you cannot, then share it with your support system, write a letter of closure to the person, burn the letter, and create a ceremony to release the old and embrace the new. . . repeat as often as needed. When you confront and walk through your fears, visualize your desired behaviors, and let go of the past, you will find yourself “seeing clearly". . . welcome to your higher self!!

Ken Donaldson has been based in Tampa Bay offering counseling, coaching, and educational programs since 1987. His REALationship Coaching programs empower people to have more successful lives, businesses and relationships by building a powerful relationship with themselves first. Visit his website at http://www.REALationshipCoach.com for more information and sign-up his free e-program Illuminations and Sparks of Brilliance. Ken is also the author of the upcoming book Marry YourSelf First!


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