Making Six Figures and Still Broke!


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“Who wants to make a lot of money? And who wants to make a lot of money and be extremely happy?” This was the opening line of a free seminar that I recently attended in Atlanta, GA called the Millionaire Mind Intensive Weekend. The purpose of attending this seminar with my girlfriend was so I could help teach her about managing and investing money. I had on idea that this seminar would change my life in such a drastic way.

I am a rather fortunate person that I have quickly moved up the ranks of my corporation and have landed into upper management. With this position came money, and a lot of it. At the ripe age of 31, I was making a six figure income but I was still living paycheck to paycheck. I couldn’t afford to take a vacation, buy a house, or save a penny in my savings account. My bank balance has never, and I mean never, been above $10,000 in my life. I am a spender, a person who needs instant gratification, but I never knew why. That is where the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar opened my eyes to the truth.

T. Harv Ecker, the creator of the Millionaire Mind Intensive, says that when we are growing up we take our experiences with money, good and bad, and store them into files in our brain. When it comes to our finances we subconsciously call upon these “wealth files” to make decision on whether to spend, save, or invest this money. Through the exercises during the seminar, I realized that I have always had a fear of “making it rich” and then losing that money and becoming a failure. So my subconscious was telling me to “spend, spend, spend” so I never could have the chance to become rich in the first place.

The human mind can be your greatest ally, or your biggest enemy. It is very important that you recognize how your mind interprets wealth and your financial situation. Your financial future depends on the “wealth files” that you have in your file cabinet, and your ability to delete those files and replace them with supportive “wealth files”.

In my own life, I know what I am doing to myself subconsciously and financially, and my girlfriend and I are on the path to buying a house and being financially free in the next 3-5 years. Our relationship is better than it has ever been, and I am a lot less stressed because I know our plan is working. I have a Millionaire Mind, and I encourage you to find yours.

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