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People are amazing. I am one of those awful people that smoke. I do my best to make sure I am courteous and walk outside away from others. Then out of the blue someone will run to a door and shut it, saying “The smoke is coming in". Then when I return I find that person miles away from the source in the first place.

I can live with that, but I sure would love to tell them to cool it with the strong perfume. The funny part is, that kind of person runs to the bars, and group outings, that are over run with smokers. Do they kick them all out, close the doors and bad mouth them – NOT!.

How many folks have you heard complain that a bathroom smells from someone using it? What do they think goes on in there? I have news for them, its called being human.

The great thing about us is the fact, we are human. If a car ahead of you is a bad color, do you run it off the road? No, we just accept it. People are not perfect, the world is not perfect, so why do people act like it should be? I have never seen anyone camping coming over to complain that my campfire is offensive.

People have bad breath, folks wear to much perfume, bathrooms can smell, some folks have funny laughs, deal with it. That small amount of people trying to correct imperfections of this world, are the ones that will always be disappointed. So join the human race, or please place you head in the sand.

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