Let Go of Emotional, Physical and Financial Baggage


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You don't want to start 2006 with old baggage do you? It's time to let go of the emotional, physical or financial baggage that is weighing you down. You deserve a great life, so shake your life up a bit. Sure, it feels good to be comfortable and secure, but wouldn't it be more refreshing to feel happy and energized. I'm here to help you.

Emotional Baggage

Are you playing the same old tired tape in your head? The one that tells you that you are a failure, or that you shouldn't take risks. It's time to send that tape to the junkyard. Now, I know it's not easy, you've been playing this tape for years and as damaging as it is, you trust that little critical voice in your head. You've developed a love/hate relationship with it, and no matter what you've tried, you still can't get rid of it.

Rick Carson, a psychotherapist calls that recorded voice your “Gremlin". His book: Taming Your Gremlin is a must read. For more information, you can visit his website at http://www.tamingyourgremlin.com/.

Another great resource and it's free is Inner Peace.org's Monkey Mind. It's a helpful tool to help you fight that monkey chatter that goes on in your mind. http://innerpeace.org/monkeymind. shtml

Physical Baggage

Are you carrying around excess weight or want to tone up? The first step is to look at your daily food intake. What are you eating? Please don't use the excuse that you're always on the run and that's why you eat so much fast food. There is no excuse to poor eating habits except that you enjoy the taste of the food. But your body needs more. You wouldn't put water-downed gas in your car, so why would you treat your body any less? High fructose corn syrup, trans fat, refined sugar and enriched flour are putting us all at risk. I'm not here to lecture or make you feel bad, but just to give you suggestions on how to get your body revved up.

The Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health has a ton of information on healthy eating. Visit them at http://www.hsph. harvard. edu/nutritionsource/index.html.

I'm also excited to share with that the Discovery health Channel is offering a free 8 week comprehensive fitness and weight loss challenge. You can join alone or with your family or group of friends. http://health. discovery.com/convergence/bodychallenge2006/faq/faq.html

Financial Baggage

Credit card bills, debt, student loans, oh my! If you're Young, Fabulous and Broke (Suzy Orman's book), then it's time to shake off that financial burden. You don't have to feel guilty or pay someone exorbitant amounts of money to help you with your debt. I've found two forums that are a goldmine of information on how to clean up your credit. Yes, you can do it by yourself. It takes time and commitment. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showforum=15 and http://consumers. creditnet.com/straighttalk/board/forumdisplay.php?s=6a9addfd779c386f48b3e450fe988a3c&forumid=3

You can find out about everything from public records, bankruptcy and more on these forums.

For free financial advice, visit http://www.free-financial-advice.net/ .

Free budget planners are available at http://www.betterbudgeting.com/familybudgeting.htm

Get ready to feel lighter and more alive. Rediscover your life in 2006.

Marie Magdala Roker is a Personal Development Coach an Author of Successful Thinking for a Successful Life: How to Banish the Unhealthy Thoughts and Habits That Limit Your Success. You can find out more about the program at http://www.thinkandbesuccessful.com or sign up for her free life coaching newsletter at http://www.smartbeecoaching.com


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