Love Does Not Equal Good Advice

Vincent Harris

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Let me ask you a question; every day men and women in virtually every state in our nation, and in countries around the world, feel the relief of having ended their financial nightmares through network marketing. No more late payment notices; No more overdraft notices from the bank; No more having to stay at home and eat, when you’d rather be eating out. No more worrying about where the money for your children’s education or your retirement is going to come from. Does this interest you?

I want to tell you about a discovery that literally changed my life. It’s so simple, yet just understanding this concept can allow you to accomplish more in the next two years, than you have in all of the years up and until now. Are you ready? Here it is: There is a HUGE difference between love and useful information. Let me say that again; The is a HUGE difference between love and useful information.

Allow me to explain; as we are growing up, we look to our parents for guidance. As children, this is absolutely essential, as our brief time on earth has not yet provided us with the experiences to be able to make decisions that keep us out of harms way. The problem is this; most people allow this structure to remain in place for the rest of their live, and this can lead to a very limited life.

The fact that someone loves us does NOT mean they always have useful information to give us. If your goal is to become a millionaire through investing, can your parents offer helpful advice? It depends. If the extent of their investing has been in a CD earning 4%, with the rest sitting snug and secure in their savings account… then the answer is no. Unless you want to wait until you are 65 or 70 years old, with most of your life behind you already, before you acquire the money…. that strategy will not work.

Don’t you see though, human nature is for the most part, for what is familiar to us, and against anything that is not. All anyone can give us is information that is born out of the beliefs they hold. Look at what someone does and you’ll be able to predict with an uncanny accuracy what that persons beliefs are. Non-investors cannot be in support of investing, otherwise, they would be doing so themselves. They will always view investors as the odd man out, and feel secure in the belief that they are the one who has it “right"

First, find someone who has become a millionaire by the age you wish to through investing, and then simply ask him or her what to do. They Know!

Why have I taken the time to talk about this? I’ll tell you why; as you prepare to get involved with a home business, do not set yourself up for getting the wind knocked out of your sails, by running your ideas by those who do not have, or are not considering a home business themselves. This applies to every goal in your life, but for our purposes here, I will keep it focused on the actions deciding to start a home business.

Once you understand, and then begin to utilize this powerfully effective concept, you won’t believe how much your life has changed. Understand that in most cases, our parents, friends and families love us. Unless they are doing, or considering doing what we are getting ready to ask them about though, they can’t do anything but tell us it’s stupid, risky, or to stay away. That’s just the way it is. Be happy that they love you, and soak it all up, and, understand that for the kind of advice that you need to reach most of your goals…. . you have to find out from people who have done it themselves.

Read books, listen to tapes, watch videos or DVD’s, talk to people face to face…. . just make sure they are where, or have been where you want to be.

Make a pact with yourself today, that from now on you will only look to those who have done what you want to do for advice. If you want to talk to those, you love, just for the sake of making them feel included, fine. Just do so with the understanding that they probably can’t find it in themselves to support you, and that you will expect it that way.

As you move into your next venture with these new understandings, and ways of processing information, you will never again fear the “derailment" of an idea that you are passionate about.

Allow yourself to get as excited as you want to about the future you can create with network marketing. Then, get started, learning all you can along the way from those who have done that which you desire to do.

This has been the most important discovery of my life …. period.

Vincent Harris is a professional speaker, educator, and health consultant. Vince also has a passion for the network marketing lifestyle, and promotes it 100%. The find out more about Vince visit:


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