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The greatest truth in life is that endless possibilities are available to us every moment of our lives. Whether our lives today repeat the monotonous drone of yesterday’s script or whether we create a new script for ourselves is up to us. We have the power to change our lives in the way that we want to and any moment that we want to. All that we have to truly understand is that the past is the past.

Let me take you into the truth of this statement with an experience. I want you to look back at what you were doing just before you clicked to read this article. Take yourself back to that moment. You are not the same person in this moment, as you were at the time you clicked on this article. It might be hard to accept that, but that is the truth. The only reason that it feels like you are the same person is because you are carrying a self-concept of yourself from the past into the present. Your self-concept consists of the belief of the person that you are (the identity you are identified with), the things that you can and can’t do, and other such beliefs about yourself. Depending on the self-concept that you have, you can either be freeing yourself or limiting yourself. For example, if at this moment you describe yourself as an overweight person, you are simply carrying that belief from your past into your present moment. The truth is, in this very moment, you can choose to look at yourself as someone else. Now, you may be saying, “Yeah, but that will not make me any thinner!"

I understand that totally, and I do agree that just thinking you’re not overweight will not make you thinner. However, thinking that thought will make you start to do different things. For example, if you believe you are an overweight person, you will continue to live the lifestyle of an overweight person. You will do what you believe an overweight person does. You will not do anything different because that’s what you’ve always been doing. However, if in this moment you decide to look at yourself as someone else, you will start to act in ways that are more congruent with the new self-concept of yours. I know that you believe the change cannot happen that fast. That is just another belief of yours that you are choosing to bring into this moment of infinite possibilities. Everything can change in an instant! You have to realize the basic fact that the past is just that: that past! It is something that doesn’t have any pull on you at all. It is the record of what you have done up until this moment, but that doesn’t mean that it always has to be that way. Things can change right now. The past is not the present. Who you were up until the moment you read this article, doesn’t have to be who you are when you finish reading this article. That is how fast a change can occur. You don’t need years. You don’t need time. You just need the awareness that you have the choice in this very moment to be who you want to be and to live the life that you want to live. Nothing can hold you back from what you truly want. The past can’t hold you back from what you want because it has no reality in the present. That is why they call it the past!

We normally tend to create a self-concept and then “make believe" that it’s who we actually are. Your self-concept is not a fixed thing. It is something that was either created in you by your external conditions or by your own self. Whatever the situation was, the basic truth is that you accepted that image of yourself. If you believe that you are not a smart person that was what you accepted from the outside. Every aspect of your self-concept needs approval from your side in order for it to become real for you. The reality, however, is that there is no such thing as a self-concept. It’s all invented. Everything is invented. In this moment, you have the ultimate freedom to choose to be who you want to be, and live the way that you want to live. Realize that the past is the past and regain your freedom and unlimited possibilities in this present moment. What would you like to do right now? Know that you can do it. What would you like to be right now? Know that you can be it.

Sukhbir Singh is the founder of LifeApps! Personal Development International (a personal development company based in Bangkok, Thailand). He is also the current seminar leader for all workshops and trainings offered by LifeApps!. Sukhbir also offers personal coaching to clients who want to understand how to change their belief systems in order destroy current limiting thoughts and accomplish more in their lives. To be kept updated on all events offered by LifeApps! you can sign up for the free monthly newsletter by sending an email to with the subject Subscribe CBTL. If you want to contact Sukhbir personally with any questions or comments, he can be contacted at


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