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Ways to Pick the Right Pediatric Power Wheelchair

Jerome Schulze

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It is natural thing for children to play and explore around the numerous wonders of this Earth. While this statement is correct for kids who can walk and run without any deterrence, it is absolutely the same for kids who are not capable of walking or running. Once children are disabled, they are totality confined in a wheelchair. As technology advances, the designs and makes of motability scooters are also progressing.

There have been lots of innovations implemented in the creation of wheelchairs, particularly for pediatric use. There are modern motability scooters that permit various stances, such as standing, sitting and laying. Users can certainly move freely and conveniently.

Like any other wheelchairs that are powered, pediatric power ones are also offered in similar styles with basic functions. The wheel in the rear allows fast movements but is difficult to move for areas that are tight. The wheel in the front, on one hand, allows keen turns and moves a little slow as compared to the rear wheel series. There is also mid-wheel drive that gives wheelchair manoeuvrings in tight shift capabilities but it can be put to steady halt once on stop and for start. Needless to say, the most important thing to consider when selecting for the appropriate pediatric power wheelchair for the kids should be based on the needs of the child who will be using them. The motability scooters should be considered as only part and parcel of the total program for support that your kid will have in terms of developing her or his strength and environment.

Many hospitals and health centers establishes a total evaluation program in determining the best power wheelchair a child can have, blended with the program of support. Here are the necessary things to consider in deciding which one will suit your child best: 1. The most appropriate control on mobility 2.

Independent mobility that your child is allowed to 3. Physical abilities and skills of your child 4. The kid’s capacity in controlling his limbs and extremities, plus his head and sights.

5. The capability to utilize switches and joysticks of a motability scooters 6. The support on seating and postures that units must have All of the aforementioned are all vital points that need to be looked upon.

And it is also advisable that any power motability scooters that you will get for your child must be inspected by a medical facility. The durable and heavy duty motability scooters will soon grow along with your child. It will be his or her constant companion daily and for years to come. Thus, choose also the one that is ready to be expanded with a brace support and frame section that will be adjusted when time comes. With that, the motability scooters can be used for 10 years or more. Moreover, the easy cleaning process must also be considered. A nicely maintained one will go for years and will keep your child healthy. On your child’s social aspects, consider your kid’s mood, how well he often socialize, such as making friends, playing with others, and more. Pediatric power wheelchair gives huge liberty for the movements of your child. Consider the points mentioned above and always have the ready support to boost your child’s energy and self-confidence.


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