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Effective Time Management-One Simple But Effective Management

Gorry Terry

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We have all been there-so much to do and so little time to do it. But did you know that one simple technique can make your life simpler, easier to manage, less stressful and allow you to actually achieve what you set out to. Following this one simple technique has simplified my life and work enormously. .

It never quite works the way you planned it, does it? You’ve a to-do list that is chock-full of items, and you make a detailed plan for the entire day, thinking you’ll finish a full one third before lunch, another third before tea and the rest before an early dinner.

Only, as it turns out, you end up finishing less than ten percent in the entire day, leaving you with a mountain to climb on the morrow, and a depressed mood for the rest of the day.

Manage Your Time Effectively

There is a simpler solution, however, and all it involves is making a decision to keep things simple. Ignore the volume of work that needs to be done over the next three sessions in the day, and only focus on your top three tasks in terms of importance.

Prioritize-One Small List

Prioritize those three tasks above all else, and focus only on the most important one.
Once that is done, move on to the second, and then the third.

Your Second List

Finish those, and then check the rest of your list, and see if the next three most important tasks can be done – and so on.
The advantages are many: you have a simpler task in front of you, one that does not seem so daunting. Your to-do list over the next two hours is wonderfully short, and best of all your horizon stretches out over only two hours or so. Simplifying both your tasks and the number of tasks can give a wondrous boost to your enthusiasm, leaving you with less to do – and that is always more manageable.

Of course, it could sometimes happen that a single task alone can take more than an entire day, but there is a workaround for that as well, which involves breaking up that one single, mammoth task into smaller, bit-sized chunks.
And once you have these bit sized chunks, you can slide back into the top-three-done!-top-three-done! routine. Give it a shot the next time you have a daunting day ahead of you; you’ll find it a lot easier to power through your tasks for the day.
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Four Effective Time Management Techniques
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