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Does Your Left Hand Get You in Trouble?


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Do you sit between co-workers or better yet, your boss and manager at dinner meetings, only to lock elbows with one of them, when you eat or better yet send your bun flying or take their bun because you are left handed?

Do you end up planting a kiss on the lips of a complete stranger, because they wanted to do the double cheek kiss hello, and you, being left handed, started to kiss them on the opposite cheek first, only to meet in the middle on the lips?

Or how about taking a course for work, and end up sitting at those old fashioned desks, with the right sided table on them. You have to twist yourself around to actually use it, and your class mates think you are trying to cheat?

Writing in a binder is another challenge, since the rings are always in the way of your left hand, and you actually breathe a sign of relief when you finish that page and can write on the back of the page?

Left handedness, was once looked upon as evil in the 1700's, and even in the early 1800's, people with a tendency for left handedness, would have their left hand tied to their body, so they would be forced to use their right hand.

Luckily, we are no longer like that, and although only 7 to 10% of the population is left handed, many of them have risen to be very successful business owners, artists, musicians, presidents and more. Us left handers have to be creative, in finding ways to live in a right handed world.

In the above problems, I would first, make sure to sit at the far left end of a restaurant table, leaving my left hand free and away from people. I would wait for a person to pick a side to kiss my cheek and then follow their lead, and I would take notes on a clip board on my lap rather than twist around in those right sided desks!. . and I would take the paper out of the binder to write on it. But you can also purchase left handed products now to make life that much easier. Imagine being able to open a can, write without smearing the ink, even cut your shrubs in the yard, there are so many products out there now, you can jump for joy and go “finally"!. . Remember those token dull “lefty" scissors in the craft box at school?. . We have come a long way since then. .

Your left hand no longer has to get you in trouble! - click here for great products for the left handed, would make great gifts, ships all over the world, can openers, pens, watches, garden tools, kitchen gadgets and more. . check it out! Article by Diane Palmer


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